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Why Your Blog Is Not Providing ROI

Blogs may not always work the way you or your business anticipates. There are instances where websites continue to produce quality blogs with a certain level of engagement but to no avail. Then there are instances where some of the more average blogs with catchy titles go viral. As a business, you have to realize that if your blogs are not providing return on investment (ROI), then they are not worth investing on.

While there are many indicators of ROI, for blogs, the more clicks a page gets and the more effective the call to action is (again related to clicks), the better the ROI will be. Now that we know the prime indicator of ROI, let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why your blog is not working and how to fix it.

Saturated Blog Marketing

The most common reason why blogs don’t provide ROI is when they are not marketed properly. Just uploading a blog post on your website and sharing its link across social media won’t do much. You have to use all the options available. For example, blog directories like eHow, Squidoo, Articlebase, and so on are great resources to market your blog and company as a whole. This can help you spread the word about your business to many more internet users, translating to increased hits on your website pages. However, as a rule, make sure you post content separately for blog websites, as some have specifics on the word limit, style, and so on. With your blogs spread across the internet, you can have more directed efforts of conversions.

Poor Link Building

If there are little to no backlinks in your blogs, then who are you marketing for? For example, if you have an ecommerce store with a dedicated blog, and you post a blog on ‘top 10 fashion trends for this winter’, then ideally you should be link building on each of those trends. That way, when users click on those links, they will be bounced to a product page or category page. This is direct conversion through a blog. There are many more instances on using backlinks to improve the purpose of your blogs. Alternatively, you can promote your blog through call to actions (CTA) containing backlinks to one of your product or services page, where your readers are persuaded to take action.

Something Fresh

Blogs have been around for more than a decade now. In other words, there might be billions of blog posts posted on millions of websites. Therefore keeping your content plagiarism free will only get you halfway there. To elaborate, if you start reading 5 blogs every day, within a week, you will realize that some of the content is just reworded. That’s the sentiment shared by internet users who value blogs. If you want to make a blog, make sure it’s fresh and unique. The more genuine your blog is, the better the chances of conversions are. Remember that blog writing today is more of a rediscovery, but if you keep yourself ahead of the curve, you’re in a lucrative position.

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