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The Top Copywriting Tools to Make Copywriting Easier

Content marketing and copywriting are both a combination of science and creativity.

You need to pick the best words to create a strong impact and immediately appeal to the readers, or else they might lose interest in it.

Using the appropriate adjectives can make a world of difference. For instance, is your product “sleek” or “glamorous?” At the same time, you also need to use strong syntax, correct grammar, and many strategies to enhance your copy and get users to click.

Fortunately, there are several copywriting tools that can help you craft the best possible copy for your business or client.

1. Copywritely

Copywritely is an SEO content analysis tool, but it provides several handy features for drafting any type of copy.

For instance, the paraphrasing tool checks for any issues and allows you to rewrite sentences, whereas the grammar checker detects grammatical mistakes. Once you are done writing the copy, you can drop your content into the word counter to see how many words you have written and determine your word frequency.

2. Readable

Readable is a copywriting tool that will check your copy’s grammar and spelling, along with its readability.

You can either use Readable in your browser or integrate it into your Content Management System. You can use this tool to check documents, files, spreadsheets, and even entire websites. It will give you the readability score, keyword density, and text quality. It can even check the sentiment and tone of your content.

3. Convertize

No matter how great you are at copywriting, there’s always plenty of room for improvement. And how do you determine if you have improved your content? Well, you can test it!

A/B testing is essential when it comes to optimizing your copy’s conversion rates. Thus, even though Covertize doesn’t strictly focus on the writing aspect of copywriting, it’s still quite useful and important.

Convertize aims to translate consumer psyche into effective digital marketing solutions and provides various conversion optimization and A/B testing tools for its users.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to improve both readability and SEO.

You can use Yoast to optimize your copy for keywords and enhance your SEO score. It also helps you enter your meta description, set your target keyword and page slug, and then assess how your copy is holding up. It considers your text, how often you are using the keyword, your headline, alt image texts, images, outbound links, inbound links, and much more.

What’s great is that Yoast SEO will also tell you what you’re doing right and what you can do to improve it. Because keywords are a vital element of copywriting, Yoast can really help you with copywriting!

Wrapping It Up

These four copywriting tools will make it easier for you to write copy that your readers will respond to, both in your ad campaigns in on your blog.

Bear in mind that while these tools can enhance your copy quality, they cannot help you much with your writing strategy apart from keyword optimization. To optimize your content and copy for results, make sure to add compelling CTAs or lead sign-ups in the widgets next to your content.

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