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The Role of Email Marketing in eCommerce

Email marketing has been around since the earliest days of the Internet. This is one of the main reasons why it is looked upon as a rather dated marketing practice. On the other hand, if you have been overlooking email marketing, there is plenty of data that showcases that it still garners a lot of responses, particularly when used for e-Commerce.

Positive Reactions

When looking at the other tools that business has to rely on, namely, SEO marketing and social media marketing, email marketing has consistently provided higher conversion rates. Current statistics showcase that almost 70% of people make use of the discounts and coupons they receive in their emails. Around 60% of people claimed that they sign up to emails for the special discounts and updates.

The surprising thing is that email marketing produces better results as compared to social media marketing. When put to the test, social media marketing has the flashiness but email marketing delivers on the figures it showcases and the numbers and statistics back it up easily as well.

Email Marketing and Content

Content marketing and email marketing go hand in hand due to the fact that it is largely content based. However, while traditional content marketing can face certain problems, particularly when it comes to SEO, you don’t have such challenges when it comes to email marketing.

Not only is email marketing similar, but it’s also better since it allows for a degree of freedom in advertising and marketing the product. A well-crafted email can get the interest of the targeted audience. An email also makes it easier to craft content that specifically reaches its market audience. Moreover, there are plenty of different such as video, text as well as images that can be picked.

Makes an Impact on Sales

Email marketing is one way through which you can make a huge impact on the sales you are experiencing. Many users subscribe to an email as they usually want information about a particular service only. In such scenarios, emails make a huge impact on the sales since they keep people in the loop regarding the latest offerings. This not only sparks their interest but also allows you to re-engage your clientele as well as ensures that you get to expand your pool as well. With email marketing, your conversion and sales rates are also magnified.

Manage and Retain

When it comes to managing and retaining your current audience, email marketing can make life simpler and easier since it has the automated email response option. There are also newsletters, as well as discounts and more for loyal customers. All in all, email marketing is a great way through which you can power up your resources. The email addresses in your phone book are going to be some of the biggest ways through which you can enjoy a large amount of business.

All these points help to highlight the role that email marketing has to play in eCommerce and ensures that you utilize it properly.

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