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Marketing Strategies for Reopening After COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has completely changed our way of life. From connecting in our relationships to running our business, COVID-19 pandemic and government-imposed lockdowns have completely altered the way we socialize, live, and work.

Thankfully, the curve has now started to flatten, and government officials have eased the lockdown allowing businesses to resume their operations. If your business was hit hard due to the pandemic, you should start devising a plan to restart your business. To help you out, we have prepared a list of some marketing strategies for reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Inform Your Customers

One of the first marketing strategies for reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic is to update your customers regarding your reopening plans. This step is extremely crucial because customers are the backbone of your business.

You should prepare relevant updates on your reopening and upload it on your website and social media pages. Ideally, this should contain the reopening date, the revised timings, and the safety measures that you will be taking. It is a good idea to keep these updates short and crisp.  

2. Use Data Analytics to Understand Consumer Behavior

Data is a powerful tool to derive customer insights and understand their behavior. Government-imposed lockdown led to a considerable increase in data collection as many people started spending more time online, browsing through social media or online stores.

Using data can help you analyze customer journeys and develop content that best resonates with your target market. You can look up keywords that are trending related to your business and use them in your web copy to boost conversions.

3. Keep Up with Social Media Marketing

Using social media platforms is one of the most effective marketing strategies for reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media platforms are now introducing features to help small businesses thrive after the pandemic. For instance, Facebook has launched Shops to assist business owners in displaying and selling their products online.

You can also utilize the power of your social media community to support your business by sharing your posts and engaging on your page. Moreover, you should be investing in Google Ads and PPC advertisements if you haven’t already done so.

4. Host Virtual Events

In the pre-COVID world, businesses would host social events and exhibitions to connect with their audiences. With social distancing still likely to be in place post-lockdown, these events have now been put on hold. However, thanks to technology, you can now successfully host a virtual event.

Virtual events can help you connect with a global audience. They are cheaper than real-life events because you do not need to book a venue or hire an event planner. For instance, if you are a salon owner, you can host a virtual event to teach your audience how to do their makeup.

Bottom Line

We understand that the novel coronavirus has completely transformed the way you need to run your business. While this may be a big challenge for you, you must not lose hope and stay positive. Following the above marketing strategies for reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic will help you get your business back on its feet.

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