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Emerging Sales Trends of 2021

Like always, with a new year comes new trends in the world of sales and retail. From surprising new sales channels to innovative retail technologies, here are the top 4 emerging sales trends of 2021.

Trend #1 – A New Approach to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing witnessed a major shift in 2020. Influencer content has gradually turned into a real, raw aesthetic, and this trend will continue in 2021.

From a media mix perspective, the video will be the most important medium for influencer partnerships in 2021. Since many physical outlets are closed due to COVID-19, customers can’t try out clothing items or test out gadgets in-store. Hence, a video is the next best thing.

Trend #2 – Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI-backed big data retailing has been in the market for some years. Today, many retailers use advanced to understand what products they need to stock in their stores and increase efficiency. Secondly, robots are also expected to be seen on the shop floor in 2021, where they were previously just used in stock rooms and warehouses for inventory management.

AI is also expected to boost marketing outreach and help retailers grow their customer base. Moreover, AI-powered voice recognition technology has improved to the point that it can truly add value in-store and via e-commerce apps. For instance, in 2021, customers will increasingly use voice controls to get information and make purchases, and retailers are expected to adapt their infrastructure to fit these evolving habits.

Trend #3 – Emergence of Multi-Channel, Personalized Experiences

In 2021, salespeople have to adjust their strategies to meet the needs of their wide customer base. Different customers have different requirements, which means that the “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to work anymore.

You should have a wide range of channels available so that your buyers can pick one that suits them best. However, at the same time, you need to ensure that you offer a consistent customer experience throughout all the channels.

You should also allow your customers to switch across different channels without losing any information for a smooth buying experience. To meet all such requirements, you should experiment with plenty of purchase, distribution, and promotional channels.

Trend #4 – Integrating All Your Teams

Sales is no longer solely about the Sales team. Since the customer journey has largely become digital, all departments have to work together to ensure seamless conversion. The IT department will help you track website performance and other communication channels, whereas the Customer Support team will help you add value to your offer.

Teaming up with the marketing department is absolutely essential. To give value to your clients and get higher conversion rates, you need to give your customers exactly what they want. The Marketing department will help you monitor the market and stay updated with the latest trends.

Last Few Words

Now that you know the emerging sales trends of 2021 make sure you work in accordance with them. Not adapting to these trends will make you lose out on market share and profits.

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