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What Does the COVID-19 Mean for Marketers?

Coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19, is a pandemic that is spreading rapidly, disrupting people’s lives across the globe. The current situation of the world has resulted in massive business losses and crashing economies, affecting everyone, including marketers.

So, what does this global pandemic mean for marketers?

Marketing during the COVID-19 has become a tough task, especially since businesses are barely making ends meet. This article covers all facets of what marketers can expect during this crisis.

Business and Marketing Is Going To Struggle

The entire world, including the general population and well, businesses, are struggling right now. Due to social distancing, almost all workplaces and offices across the globe have shut down. Since people can barely make ends meet, it’s only natural that your business will suffer as well. It will take some time, maybe even years, for brands to bounce back.

So, this means a reduction in income and profits and lots of budget cuts. Moreover, since people are losing money so rapidly, you can expect a considerable decrease in traffic and conversions.

Reduced Organic Traffic

Another unfortunate result of the COVID-19 is reduced organic traffic in many industries. Since restaurants, malls, offices, airlines, and even deliveries across the world have shut down, people are more focused on purchasing necessities rather than any luxury items. The travel industry, the textile industry, and generally any industry selling ‘luxury’ products have experienced a reduction in organic traffic.

Meanwhile, businesses selling necessity products such as toilet paper, diapers, and other household groceries are experiencing skyrocketing sales.

Don’t Exploit the Situation

As a marketer, you should know better than to exploit this disastrous situation. Many marketers and businesses across the globe have been seen trying to make a few bucks by capitalizing on fear during this horrid situation. You should adopt a rather sensible approach and work towards keeping your audience informed without adding to the panic.

Moreover, you should try to keep your audience informed by telling them about some suitable proactive measures they can take to remain safe. This will let your market know that you care for them. At this point, marketing content should be developed very carefully and mindfully. This means no putting up sales or bragging to your audience about how you’re working tirelessly for them when in reality, you aren’t.


During this time, there is not much that we can do. Marketing during the COVID-19 is difficult, especially since economies all around the globe have taken a hit. However, as a marketer, you can play your part and develop content to create a positive impact on those quarantined in their homes. This will improve your reputation in the business world. Moreover, you can also make use of this time to come up with a good marketing plan that will help your business bounce back on its feet once this global pandemic is over!

Until then, remain patient, stay at home, and stay safe!

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