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4 New Marketing Trends That You Need to Try for 2019

With each passing year, the marketing environment changes drastically. So many technological and innovative advancements are made that you have to be ready for the new marketing trends. Going into 2019, the marketing environment is more diverse and full of opportunities.

For businesses, it’s a good idea to understand this factor and apply new marketing trends, which will be in line with their growth. When you’re starting the New Year, always make sure to let go of some of the old trends and embrace a few new ones. Based on this factor, we have curated the following new marketing trends which can take your business to new heights.

1.   Social eCommerce

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram acknowledge that they allow businesses to connect directly with their target market. This is why they introduced services such as Facebook Ads and the ability to make use of pay per click ads through promoted posts.

Now, these platforms have evolved to allow their target market to interact directly with the product and launched a new marketing trend. Instagram allows businesses to tag a link to their product directly on the image or their stories. This cuts out the extra action of the person looking for the website link to go to the website. Facebook pages also allow one to host a store on the same page. Also, it improves the conversion of sales.

2.   Increase in the Use of Chatbots

Chatbots have always been around, but their usage has now become more commonplace. Data reveals that over 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots on an annual basis. The benefits that they have to offer include 24/7 services, instant response to queries, ease in communication and more.

With a higher customer satisfaction medium than others, chatbots also have a 20% higher conversion rate. The promising results mean that by 2020, around 80% of businesses in all industries will have chatbots as an integral part of their customer marketing strategy. It might not be very new, but the results it gives definitely means it should be counted among the new marketing trends that you should adopt.

3.   Video Content – Interactive

While the popularity of video content continues to grow with each passing year, interactive video content is also coming into the limelight. Facebook has already introduced 360o images which allow users to interact with an image in a new manner. While the format was once considered confusing, people have overcome the learning curve now.

In fact, data shows that in the US, around 98% of users find 360ointeractive videos to be more exciting. 70% of all marketers who have used this medium have expressed satisfaction with it. Additionally, with Netflix’s new movie Bandersnatch, the interactive nature of video content is being explored and new marketing trends are coming to light.

4.   Bigger Role of Visual Social Media

Apart from interactive videos, visual media is slowly growing to become the largest online. By 2019, it is estimated that 80% of content shared will be video based. Given this factor, visual-based platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest should play a larger role in your marketing strategy.

Instagram also has some of the highest numbers of active users. In June 2018, they hit 1 billion active users on a monthly basis, and this number is constantly growing.

By keeping your eyes on these new marketing trends, you can improve your marketing strategy with ease and be prepared for the challenges of the year ahead!

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  1. Manal, I really enjoyed your take about new marketing trends. They read to me like many of the tools and tactics you would need to put together for a cogent customer marketing strategy. Thanks!

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