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4 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to Wow Your Audience

Reaching out to a large audience requires a lot of capital. As a result, the concept of guerilla marketing was introduced. This marketing technique requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking, which can engage customers and leave an impact on them.

Here are some types of guerilla marketing with examples of success stories:

Street Marketing

Street marketing includes anything which uses street props in marketing to get the public’s attention.

To encourage donations, UNICEF put baby carriages in 14 places in Finland, with the sound of a crying baby. When people heard it, they went and removed the blanket; laying in the basket was a message that encouraged people to donate. You can take inspiration from this brilliant idea that caught the attention of the masses and leveraged the power of emotions to deliver a powerful message.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is low budget and uses word of mouth to reach a larger audience. ESPN collaborated with iPhone to deliver NBA updates to the users. This campaign was creative and made a lot of buzz.

Creating a buzz through unconventional ways is the perfect formula for viral marketing.

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing is advertising to an audience that has gathered for some other purpose. A Canadian retailer, Rona, saw an opportunity and put their billboards below the Apple iPods in different colors. The billboard displayed dripping colors with a message that they recycle paints. This campaign resulted in 2 million liters of paint return to Rona.

Therefore, to market a product, pay attention to your environment and look for opportunities to reach your target audience.

Live Marketing

Live marketing is to engage people in some activity to subtly convey the brand’s personality. HBO leveraged this idea and made escape rooms for people in SXSW 207, an event for global professionals with networking opportunities. They selected the three most famous shows and held quiz contests for the fans. Those who were able to win and get out of the escape room were given props from the show. This activity enticed more people to watch the shows and play the game.

Live marketing can be a bit expensive, but it can quickly become the talk of the town. When you provide an experience to people, they become a part of the brand, adding to its lifetime value.

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