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3 Things the Best Freight Forwarding Companies Have in Common

Freight forwarders are the lifeblood of the import/export industry. However, finding the best freight forwarder could seem like finding a needle in a haystack with thousands of freight forwarding and logistics companies employing millions of employees in hundreds of countries worldwide. So, you might ask yourself, where do you start your search?

Well, the most obvious option might be to research your options online. But, sometimes, hiring the first company you find might not be the best course of action. Looking at a few other aspects that the best freight forwarding companies share would be best. With that in mind, here are a few things that most reputable freight forwarders have in common.

A Track Record of Compliance

Freight forwarding rules and regulations are changing with every passing day. Therefore, you must hire a company that is up-to-date with these changes. This is probably one of the most common components that all reputable freight forwarding companies share.

However, compliance doesn’t only fall on your freight forwarding partner’s shoulder; you must also play your part. Ultimately, the documentation you provide them should be accurate and legally sound. After you do your part, your forwarding partner manages product transportation according to the latest import/export guidelines and regulations.

A Reliable and Understandable Pricing and Fee Structure

The best freight forwarding companies will collaborate with you to develop a plan to lower your shipping expenses abroad while helping you understand their pricing structure. That said, to ensure that you’re hiring a company that’s transparent with their fee structure, here are a few questions you need to ask them:

  • How much do you charge to prepare and file AES documents?
  • Does your fee structure cover incidental charges?
  • Does your pricing change with evolving import/export rules?
  • Do I have to commit if I want a particular pricing structure?
  • How do you calculate volume discounts or flat rates?
  • What insurance will I get, and how much do they cost?

If a freight company provides satisfactory answers to these questions, you don’t need to look elsewhere!

Services that Fulfill Your Requirements

The top freight forwarders are familiar with your sector and eager to assist you in exporting products. They should manage your export business effectively and precisely, acting as your partners every step of the way instead of just another company looking to perform a cash grab. So, to hire the best freight forwarding company that offers the services you need, here are a few questions that need to be answered:

  • Do you also have storage facilities outside the United States?
  • Do you fully understand the industry my business caters to?
  • Do you focus on particular products and transportation techniques?
  • Does your company offer complete freight forwarding services?

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, by shortlisting some of the best freight forwarding companies you can afford, you will end up working with a partner that understands your requirements. This will allow you to deliver goods to customers’ doorsteps on time, enhance transportation compliance, minimize errors, and result in happy, loyal clients!

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