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3 Smart Marketing Tips for Your Business during the COVID-19

The COVID-19, popularly known as the Coronavirus, is a global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on economies around the world. During this tough time, businesses are experiencing a lot of issues with their operations. Since people are being forced to practice social distancing, offices, workplaces, shopping centers, etc., around the globe have been shut down. However, just because people aren’t actively buying products through traditional means, this doesn’t mean you should halt your marketing activities.

We have put together some smart marketing tips you can follow to keep your business alive through the COVID-19.

1)  Adjust Marketing Campaigns

Tailoring your marketing campaign to suit the current times is a bold yet beneficial move for your business. You can gain the audience’s attention by getting your marketing team to muster up a quick-turn campaign to enlighten people about the coronavirus rather than focusing on your products

You should start by evaluating the marketing content that you currently have or is in your pipelines. At this stage, you should pay more attention to any content regarding a product or service launch. Such content should be paused instantly. Moreover, this is an excellent time to push timelines on any major campaigns if the content isn’t appropriate for current times.

2)  Evaluate Your Message

Since the COVID-19 is a global pandemic, you must pay attention to the message you are delivering to the audience. All brands use some sort of images, graphics, and written text to convey messages to their market. In this crucial period, it’s pivotal that you remember the power of visual communication.

Tailoring your visual content to keep up with the current times means avoiding images and graphics of people touching or making any physical contact. Moreover, you should also refrain from incorporating marketing language that exclaims any physical or close interaction. Phrases such as ‘get in touch’ or ‘get closer’ shouldn’t be used at any cost.

This doesn’t imply that you discard all your current marketing content; it just means using it later on, when the pandemic ends. Moreover, you don’t need to remove your previous marketing campaigns; you just need to focus on tailoring your ‘push’ content to align with the current world situation.

3)  Explain How Your Business Can Help

Rather than capitalizing on these hard times, tell your audience how your brand can help through your marketing content. If any of your operations helps people’s lives, tell your audience that brand story. Highlight the benefits of your brand’s offerings to your customers (if it can help during the COVID-19 in any way).

Moreover, even if your offerings don’t help people directly, you can still create helpful content. With almost everyone quarantined in their homes, you can develop engaging content to educate, entertain, and even inspire your audience.


While we might not know exactly when this global pandemic will come to an end, we are still optimistic that it will. Once the entire world emerges from this quarantine, make sure that you are prepared to handle the transition gracefully. Until then, follow these smart marketing tips for your business and stay safe!

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