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10 Awesome Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of setting up and getting started a new blog, publishing material day after day, but seeing no significant increase in traffic or hits.

This can be disappointing, de-motivating and downright frustrating.

Do we lose out on hits because our content is inadequate or is there more to blogs than simply what you put up and in them?

How does one increase blog audience and generate more interest over social media?

We already know that blogging can be a massive tool to put your business, work or skill set out there to share with others.

We’ve listed ten tips to help you rethink and reorganize your blogging to ensure greater reach and hence greater potential for brand building or whatever it is you’re blogging for!

1. First Impressions

If you notice; most viral blogs have extremely eye-catching titles as well as content headlines. This is clever and thought out as the old notion that first impressions are last impressions kind of holds true here.

You are likely going to get read or looked at if the titles you upload are interesting and catchy!

2. Relevance

It isn’t just how catchy your post titles are but also how well you follow them through with the content you post.

Opinions are great; facts are even better. Hypotheticals are great, real life comparisons even better. Ground your content in fact and if your blog is an opinion based one, write smart and do your research! People can tell when something has been written halfheartedly and might lose interest!

3. Sharing the love

Karma is most definitely a thing when it comes to blog hits! Following other bloggers with similar content or even just content that interests you allows you to expose yourself in a subtle way. People whose social media accounts you support are more likely to return the favor than those you do not know.

4. Commenting

Commenting on other people’s blogs and social media is another way to subtly put you out and attract attention. You may even if relevant to the discussion add links to your own stuff and if it makes sense, people will click and follow.

If your statements are intelligent and people like what you have to say, they are also likely to search and follow your own material.

5. Research Keywords

Keyword searches help you tag your material with the right words which help direct more traffic your way. Look up keywords relevant to your content and work that are active and helpful and use them in your posts and titles to increase traffic.

6. Respond to comments

Responding to comments on your posts gives visitors a sense of importance and relevance which will ensure that they stay loyal and keep visiting your page.

7. Take advantage of forums

Many businesses have discussion forums and chat groups where you may interact with individuals involved with work similar to yours and from time to time, share links and direct interested acquaintances to your blogs.

This also helps as most of the people you meet through these methods will have a pre-existing interest in the topic of relevance.

8. Post everywhere

Make full use of all the social media you are involved with. Use your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other online networks to put your material out there and invite more followers to your site, blog or page!

9. Write guest posts and be aware of what is out there

Stay up to date on the different material on the internet, relevant discussions and what has got people interested. Write for other blogs as well. All this will keep you better informed which will reflect in your material, improving its quality and hence attracting more and more hits.

10. Hire a professional

If you are still at a loss about what to do or for some reason just can’t seem to hack it, there is no harm in getting professional consultancy on what solutions might exist. You may also hire services to help get your page up and running and populated!


Timing, relevance, keywords, content and a lot more goes into making a successful blog. The biggest thing is to be persistent. Keep at it, remember sometimes getting an adequate readership or following takes time. Don’t let this bring you down and remember support is available!

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