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How to Leverage LinkedIn Live in Your Marketing Strategy

In 2020, LinkedIn introduced its live streaming feature, LinkedIn Live, which allows you to stream live videos to your audience to develop stronger connections and increase engagement.

LinkedIn, known as the social media network for professionals, is an excellent platform to stream live videos. This is because you can gain deep insights about your audience and connect with them in a manner that businesses haven’t been able to do earlier.

Now that you have a fair idea of what LinkedIn Live is and its usefulness let’s look at how you can use LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy.

1. Conduct Online Events

One way to use LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy is to host virtual events. With LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events’ integration, you can now interact with your audience where ever they may be and conduct your event in a reliable environment.

Moreover, conducting an online event on LinkedIn Live allows you to attract the appropriate professional audience. You can share your event with people who follow your business page, and you can even send event invites to your immediate connections.

2. Enhance Recruitment Efforts

LinkedIn is a great hiring tool for job-seekers and recruiters alike.  In fact, recruiting is one of the biggest advantages of having a LinkedIn profile for businesses and individuals. By using LinkedIn Live, you can successfully enhance your recruitment efforts. For instance, you can introduce current employees, showcase your company culture, and answer questions from interested candidates.

Moreover, you can even host a live panel with team members on what’s it like to be a part of your company. Employees can talk about what their recruitment process looked like and give valuable insights to prospective employees.

3. Announce A Partnership or A New Product

Another way to incorporate LinkedIn Live into your marketing strategy is by using it to announce a partnership or a new product. For instance, you can get members from your business and the partner business to give details about the new partnership.

Launching a product during a live stream is also an excellent way to market your new products. This will allow you to get prompt feedback about your audient, give a real-time demonstration, and answer any questions that people may have.

4. Exhibit Expertise

Becoming an industry leader is an essential part of your marketing strategy. LinkedIn Live offers a great opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise.

Using LinkedIn Live, you can share some insightful tips with your audience. For this, think of some self-help topics that your audience will be interested in. If you are having difficulty coming up with ideas, you can simply repurpose old content such a YouTube videos or blog posts.

Live streaming on LinkedIn Live will enhance your content marketing efforts.

Last Few Words

The announcement of LinkedIn Live proves that live streaming will continue to be an essential element of your marketing plan. If you have already used Instagram and Facebook Live, it’s high time you start using LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy.

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