Leading Teams: 5 Rules Every Good Leader Should Swear By

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Whether you’re a part of a large multinational organization or have just set up your own business, having excellent leadership qualities is important for achieving productivity and results.

They can help you rise amongst the ranks and make a name for yourself. They can also help you build a good company culture and motivate your team members.

Keep reading this blog to learn some rules that can help you become a good leader.

Rule # 1: Lead By Example

Walk your talk when you’re in a leading position. Your team members won’t take you seriously unless you practice what you’re asking from them. However, if you practice what you preach, you’ll be able to get the work done and find it easier to influence your team members.

Rule # 2: Recognize And Acknowledge Your Team Members’ Contributions And Strengths

Appreciating and acknowledging your team members is one of the most crucial rules a leader must follow. Accept the fact that your team might have the skills that you don’t possess, and if you want to utilize those strengths, it’s important to acknowledge and motivate your team’s efforts and contributions.


Rule # 3: Avoid Micromanaging

Micromanaging is the enemy of growth and effective leadership. Micromanaging will annoy your employees or team members and will cause them to lose trust in their capabilities. Not only will it affect your team’s performance and productivity, but micromanaging can also impact the attrition rate in your company.

Rule # 4: Give Your Team Responsibility

Giving more responsibilities to your team will allow them to grow and be more efficient. It will give them a sense of responsibility and empowerment and allow them to hone their skills and take work more seriously.

Rule # 5: Feedback Is Extremely Important

Whether you’re making new changes or taking a different approach to the way things are done, don’t forget to ask your team for feedback. This will allow you to know where you lack and what issues your team might be facing and enable you to become a better leader.

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