5 Tactics to Get More Views on YouTube

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Ask any YouTuber, and they will promptly tell you that getting organic, real views and a loyal bunch of subscribers requires dedication, time, skill, and some luck.

Nevertheless, with the right tools, mindset, and strategy, any YouTube creator can build an engaged fan base. For instance, when you develop content that your viewers want to watch, they will keep coming back to your channel.

If you are a budding YouTuber, here are some tactics that will help you get more views on YouTube.

Tactic #1. Make Use of Descriptive and Keyword-Rich Titles

Keyword research is essential when it comes to increasing YouTube views. An exciting and descriptive title will help you achieve two things: attract people, tell them what the video is about, and provide keywords for the YouTube algorithm to sort out for relevancy.

To search for popular YouTube keywords, you can use Ahrefs Keyword Tool and choose YouTube. Optimizing your content for the most appropriate keywords will allow you to get organic views by informing the search engine and users what your video is all about.

Tactic #2. Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail image can do wonders when it comes to getting more YouTube views, whether they’re on the organic search results page, suggested videos section, or popping up on social media. Use high-resolution pictures that feature engaging and readable fonts and facial close-ups.

Tactic #3. Boost Your Views by Creating Playlists

Organizing and making video playlists on YouTube is an excellent strategy to reduce the chances of a viewer moving on to another channel after they have seen your content.

Because you have already done the hard work of helping your audience reach your video, click on it, and watch it, it makes perfect sense to direct them towards the content they want to see next.

Tactic #4. Build Relationships with Your Audience

Audience engagement is just another way of saying building relationships. The ultimate goal here is obviously to get organic and authentic YouTube views. Some things you can do to engage with your audience and build relationships include:

  • Replying to peoples comments
  • Hosting a YouTube contest
  • Making reaction videos like this one here.

Tactic #5. Promote Your Video on Other Social Media Platforms

If you have a strong following on other social media platforms, inform them when you post a new video on YouTube. An excellent way to do this is by making a short teaser video.

To simplify things for yourself, you can use a social media schedule tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. However, go beyond social media. For instance, you can embed your YouTube videos in relevant pages and blog posts on your website.

Last Few Words

Increasing YouTube views takes time and effort. The platform has its own set of checks and balances to ensure that quality content reaches its users. Try to build an active subscriber base, and it will definitely help you get more views on YouTube.

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