5 Ideas to Market Your Next Event

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The venue is booked. The date is finalized. Now you just need to get people to attend your event. Nervous? Perhaps a little? Well, you don’t need to be!

If you are not sure how to promote an event, here are some amazing event marketing tips that will help you out. You don’t need a huge marketing budget or endorsements from celebrities to make this work. Just use these ideas as your event marketing guide. Here are some effective tactics to fill up a room.

Tip #1. Offer Early Bird Discounts

An excellent way to market your event is to offer an early bird discount. This will encourage your target audience to register for your event well in advance.

Moreover, early-bird discounts will also give you insights into how to continue your event marketing. Is your target audience interest? Do they have any objections? Is your existing marketing strategy effective?

Tip #2. Create and Use an Event Hashtag

Whenever you mention your event, make sure to include the event hashtag. This isn’t just for your social media posts but also other marketing platforms and any printed material. Repeated use of the hashtag allows your event to stay on top of people’s minds.

Also, encourage your event attendees (such as performers and speakers) to use the hashtag whenever they talk about your event. This will help to increase your reach.

A word of warning. While adding hashtags can boost engagement, make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Research shows that posts with more than two hashtags get 32 percent less engagement than those without any hashtags.

Tip #3. Use Email Marketing to Attract Audiences

Email marketing is a great way to reach your intended audiences. You should market your event through email to various segmented audiences.

Doing this will allow everyone who knows about your brand to know about the event. Additionally, you can provide email subscriber discounts to encourage loyal users or consumers to participate in the event.

Tip #4. Make Event-Related Videos

Create simple video interviews of the event speakers and post them online. You can easily produce them using Skype or Google Hangouts. It’s simpler than you would imagine and quite effective.

Tip #5. Use Retargeting Ads on Social Media Platforms

It’s a known fact that social media is a place where people spend a lot of their time. If they have heard about your brand, retargeting ads on social media are one of the best ways to stay on top of their mind.

You want to remind people of your brand and event periodically. Even if someone is interested in the event, they may not immediately purchase a ticket. In such cases, retargeting is an excellent strategy to get those people on board ultimately.

Last Few Words

Event marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or challenging. All you need is a little smart thinking to pull off an exciting event. As long as you go with an appealing strategy to your target audience, you really cannot go wrong!

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