6 Key Skills Needed for A Business Development Role

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Do you aspire to become a business development manager? In this article, we have outlined the skills you need to hone in on to become a successful business developer.

If you work in the business development department of a company, you will have to assess the company’s existing performance and identify ways in which you can improve it. You might even have to work as a consultant or coach. Moreover, you will have to search for lucrative opportunities while building and maintaining healthy relationships with your business partners and other stakeholders.

To work as a business developer, you will need strong communication, negotiation, and project management skills. Here are some more essential skills needed for a business development role.

1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Strong communication is one of the most essential skills needed for a business development role. You will need these skills to present your views and communicate with the various stakeholders involved. Strong communication skills will also help you confidently cold call your prospects and onboard new clients.

2. Creativity

Whether it’s identifying innovative ways to develop existing market opportunities or finding absolutely new routes to market, creativity is vital for this role.

3. Analytical Ability

You will have to use sales data and market research to present opportunities to stakeholders. Strong analytical ability will also allow you to swiftly identify and understand which opportunities you should pursue and which ones aren’t feasible.

A detailed understanding of the wider market is crucial if innovative, attainable, realistic, and lucrative opportunities have to be presented and developed.

4. Project Management

Developing a business is undoubtedly a project. The business itself is the project, so it’s reasonable to expect that a good business developer will have a lot of skills similar to those possessed by a project manager. These include establishing timelines, setting attainable goals, managing risk, planning and adhering to budgets, managing teams, and delegating tasks.

5. Selling Skills

The ability to sell needs to be in-built in you if you aim to take up a business development role. No matter how great of an idea you have, it will be worthless if you cannot sell them to other people. Thus, realizing what specific things your customer wants and pitching it to them appropriately is integral for this role.

6. Goal-Oriented

As a business developer, you need to show that you can develop and maintain business relations over long periods yet still have the skill to attract quick profits to meet targets and objectives.

It would be best if you always focused on meeting your goals, and you need to showcase your skills to pursue a long-term strategic vision. However, you need to maintain adequate flexibility to adapt to evolving customer needs or unpredictable opportunities tactfully.

Last Few Words

Before you apply for a business development position, make sure you have the key skills needed for a business development role. When applying for such a position, include the relevant skills in your resume, cover letter, and other application tools.

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