Top 2020 Digital Marketing Trends

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Regardless of which industry you operate in or what products and services you sell, you cannot overlook digital marketing trends. Just a couple of years ago, you might have only needed a Facebook page and a website. But now, the digital landscape is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up.

Today, there aren’t a lot of profitable businesses that don’t have a digital presence. In 2020, several digital tools and technologies emerged, forcing marketers to adapt and sustain their position.

Continue reading to learn the top 2020 digital marketing trends.

1 – Chatbots Will Take Over Customer Service

Chatbots are artificial intelligence software that virtually communicated with users and helps them achieve their goals. They “talk” to humans naturally, mostly through text chat windows; however, verbal communication is also possible.

Some of the benefits of using a chatbot include:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Prompt responses to customer queries
  • Don’t require overtime pay, vacations, or breaks.

Research conducted by Tidio reveals that 43 percent of consumers prefer messaging an online chatbot rather than calling customer service centers when engaging with a brand.

2 – Voice Search

Voice-powered digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are huge sellers. Their popularity on our phones and at home has resulted in a major shift in keyword usage.

Think about it – when we type a query on Google, we word it differently than what we would say to Siri. For instance, we might type “best beef burgers” into Google, but we might ask Alexa, “where is the best beef burger restaurant?”

When creating content, make sure you pick your keywords based on the things people may ask when using Alexa or Siri. This can boost your visibility, and this digital marketing trend only went up in 2020.

3 – Personalized Emails

Email marketing is changing rapidly, and standardized marketing emails aren’t as powerful as they once used to be. In 2020, email marketing now combines personalization with automation.

Personalized email marketing campaigns, such as following up with emails containing promotional prices and demo videos with people who have browsed a specific product on your website, are quite impactful. Email is often the final prompt to trigger a person to take action, especially when combined with remarketing tools.

4 – Increase in Interactive Content

Adding interactive content to your social media or website is an excellent way to add value to your visitors, encourage engagement, and get to know them more. For instance, say you’re a fitness instructor and add a simple but effective BMI calculator on your website. You’re providing more value to your visitors and learning more about them based on the data they enter into the calculator.

Other types of interactive marketing content may include quizzes, assessments, polls, games, surveys, contests, and interactive videos.

Last Few Words

While these top 2020 digital marketing trends don’t represent a comprehensive list, they are a great place to start when planning your digital marketing strategy.

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