Top 2020 Marketing Analytics Tools

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Taking decisions that are backed by data plays a key role in making your digital marketing successful. Selecting the appropriate marketing analytic tools will allow you to measure your data correctly and optimize your marketing campaigns.

This article covers the top 2020 marketing analytics tools and how they can help you achieve your goals.

1 – SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the best marketing analytic tools that you can use if you’re an online marketer. A great feature of SEMRush is the analytics reports tool that shows data related to your competitors’ keywords in their AdWords campaigns. This helps you learn more about their search engine traffic. With SEMRush, you can even analyze potential keywords and see how other advertisers are bidding on them and how competitive the bids are.

2 – Funnel

Funnel offers amazing dashboards and integrates perfectly with Google Analytics. It allows you to develop dashboards and reports without having any prior experience in IT or business analytics. Moreover, Funnel automates the generation of business-ready reports so that you have full control over your data and certainty over what’s driving results.

3 – Affinio

Affinio instantly converts incomprehensible piles of consumer data into actionable insights. Moreover, Affinio has powerful segmentation technology to group users into clusters based on the similarities they have. This marketing analytics tool can even analyze third-party datasets such as those from Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest to reveal hidden audience insights in a visual and comprehensive report.

4 – Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a marketing analytics tool that helps you understand your target audience, engage them, and measure the impact of your marketing efforts. It uses a four-dimension ROI dashboard that measures revenue, cost, conversions, and pipelines. This allows you to identify the best and worst-performing campaigns so you get a clear idea of where you should spend your money.

5 – Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics is one of the most recent mobile and web analytics tools in the market. It will automatically monitor any action taken by the visitors on your website. Heap Analytics allows you to select the events you want to analyze and preview in your dashboard. Moreover, it tracks every individual user’s behaviors to segment users based on common behaviors.

6 – KissMetrics

KissMetrics is a behavior analytics tool that accesses information about your customer base and how they engage with your website. This helps you identify areas or events that increase user engagement and boost your website’s conversion metrics. With KissMetrics, you can even conduct A/B testing to see your website’s changes are impacting your results. This way, you can ensure that you’re taking the right steps to accomplish your objectives.

Last Few Words

Choosing the right marketing analytics tool will help you get useful insights from your data that you can use to enhance your marketing performance. To ensure that you opt for the right tool, make sure you consider all the following aspects:

  • Pricing Policy
  • User Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Benefits

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