3 Ways to Use Humor in Social Media Marketing

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If you’ve been active on social media recently, then you know that funny social media posts are all the rage these days. Businesses are hopping on the bandwagon and taking full advantage of trending events to engage their audience.

Social media humor is one of the greatest ways to induce an emotional response in your customers and make your brand stand out. If you wish to gain a large following and keep people interested, then you need to make all your social media posts count.

Here are three ways you can effectively use humor to build your brand on social media.

1.    Use Humor That Fits Your Brand

What you find humorous won’t necessarily have the same effect on your customer base. It’s important to take their preferences and culture into consideration before posting jokes on social media.

Use appropriate humor in your social media posts to make sure it aligns with your brand image and also resonates with your audience. Avoid becoming political, or you could lose a significant portion of your followers.

If your jokes are offensive or off-color for the general population, then you could receive backlash over it and get recognition for all the wrong reasons. Make sure all your posts are relevant to your brand and fall in line with your business values.

2.    Take Advantage of Trending Memes and Pop Culture Events

Users are spending more and more time on social media because they finally have a platform to voice their concerns about ongoing pop culture events and react to the latest news. They’ve found a sense of community in strangers that share the same interests and opinions as them.

Memes are also on the rise, and if used correctly, they can put your business on the map.  If you’re just starting out, then you need to do what you can to get people to notice you and your services by posting relatable content for them to enjoy.

It’s not easy to put a humorous spin on trending events and also stay politically correct. But if you’re socially aware, then it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with clever marketing tactics to get the desired response from your audience.

3.    Disguise Your Sales Pitch with Humor

Using humor in social media content allows companies to distract people from thinking that most of their posts are designed to gain traction and market products and services. It’s a way to make people see their company as more than just a brand.

Persuasive marketing is also about hiding your sales pitch in engaging content and building an emotional connection with your target customers. Use humor to bring attention to your business and tell people what you’re doing differently and why.  This will make them feel less like they’re being lured into buying your products.

To Conclude

Get your brand the recognition it deserves by using appropriate humor on social media. Timing is equally important, or all your jokes will flat. Use the type of humor that fits your brand persona and strikes a chord with your target customers.

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