The Challenges of Incorporating AI in Business

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to deliver many breakthroughs for business activities. It is an exciting new technology which can change the scale and scope of how business is done. Incorporating AI will be the way forward, and many businesses are already implementing it.

The rise of cloud computing platforms is one major example of how AI is coming to be used for business activity. All this said, AI is a still-developing field. Changes, developments, and breakthroughs are done on a routine basis. This rapidly changing nature is one of the problems in AI incorporation for business. Artificial intelligence has some particular obstacles and challenges in business implementation.

1. Computing Technology Lags Behind

One particular problem for incorporating AI incorporation is the problem of raw computing power. AI calculations like machine and deep learning need a lot of processing power. They need to make millions of calculations in less than a second. This need will keep increasing as they are better developed and used more.

Current computer processing available for businesses is not up to the mark for this need. Cloud technology has served as a solution to increasing computing power but is expensive to implement. Not every business can afford to build their system frameworks anew or migrating to the cloud.

2. Lack of Support

The plain fact is that AI has a lack of support. Despite the many advantages it can offer, many in the business community haven’t seen them. AI was primarily being used in cutting-edge research. Its commercial applications have only recently been highlighted.

This creates a lack of hard cases for businesses to examine and weigh the pros and cons of incorporating AI.

3. Trust Deficit

AI is a poorly understood technology. In fact, it would be better to say the masses barely understand it. Mention AI to the public, most would think of the murderous sentient robots from Terminator.

This lack of understanding about AI and its potential extends to Wall Street and the public. This can create a lack of trust. The public will not be comfortable trusting a technology which they can’t understand.

4. Specialized Applications

Even people with some understanding of AI think it is some software which can do everything. People think about it as a super-brain or supercomputer. That is actually not what AI is. Current AI applications have specialized and one-track focuses. They cannot do other tasks than the ones they are programmed for. This is one of the problems with incorporating AI.

Businesses are reluctant to invest in expensive technology with limited purposes. The kind of generalized AI which most people think about has yet to arrive.


The above are only some of the problems in incorporating AI, but they should be no surprise. No change is easy and smooth. There are always some hiccups and bumps along the road. What you can be sure of though is that the destination will be well worth it once you finally reach it.

Incorporating AI is the future, and as always, it is better to run toward the future than to have it forced on you.

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