The Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is for handling large volumes of information quickly for data extraction. The more it does these calculations, the better it keeps on getting. Now, what business activity is suited for this? Where do you have to examine a lot of information to extract information and trends?

In marketing, of course!

Marketing is all about the thousands to millions of customers of your business. Their needs, their wants, their likes, their dislikes, and much more needs to be kept into consideration when you’re creating new marketing strategies. AI can prove vital in studying them and can significantly expand your marketing efforts.

Artificial intelligence incorporation in other business activities is still an in process development. However, marketing activities have seen the greatest extent of AI incorporation. AI marketing is now a proven term, concept, and approach to marketing. So, how can you use AI in marketing? Read on to find out.

1. Social Media Analysis

The field of social media is expanding daily. There are more users, more functions, more platforms—more everything. This can produce huge volumes of information. It can be very difficult to track and study all that information.

Enter artificial intelligence.

With AI, studying, and monitoring social media can be made a cinch. You will have readable results with the click of a button. You can immediately keep track of trends and current happenings on social media.

2. Customer Profiles

This is the age of mass customization. Businesses need to figure out how they can cater to customer needs on a mass scale. AI marketing can help in this process.

With AI, you can create detailed customer profiles. The digital age is an open book. Internet histories, purchase histories, social media, and other information is openly available. Using AI marketing, a business can have profiles about customer preferences. This helps in sending the right marketing at the right time about the right products. This is likely to lead to better sales.

3. Beat on the Pulse

What have you noticed about marketing or viral marketing? The most successful attempts tap into the pulse of current pop culture or news. They capitalize on current events to produce content which is witty and immediate.

With artificial intelligence, you can modify your marketing for the same impact. Instead of generic messaging, you can update your marketing to reflect the present. This creates a personality for your business—and customers love personality in a business. 

4. Improved Customer Service

Part of AI marketing is improving the quality of customer service. How does artificial intelligence work? It is an iterative process. That means it repeats a process countless times, learning from every previous attempt.

This makes AI great for customer service operations. With AI, you can have intelligent chatbots which can aid customers in plenty of ways. From 24/7 availability to better query resolution, chatbots are increasingly used for customer service.


If you have still not implemented AI marketing, then it is not too late to catch the train. The main benefit and ease of AI for marketing is its ease of access and availability. There are several services available now to help you implement it, which is why it is recommended that you start looking into the possibilities as soon as possible.

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