Delivering Better Customer Service with AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has proved to be a revolution for the business industry. After all, AI is as big of a breakthrough as the internet. The ways in which it can change business processes are still being understood. With that said, it’s safe to say that the potential is boundless. 

Customer service operations are one such area which AI applications can greatly benefit. The importance of AI will only increase in the future as consumers are moving to online markets. Following are some of the examples of how you can better customer service with AI. 

1. Email Management

A very basic yet crucial part of every customer service operation is managing emails. Emails are the primary store of data about customer complaints, queries, and resolutions.

The problem is that sorting and organizing emails is a very tedious process. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to complete a simple task. AI can help streamline this process. Modern software is powerful enough to efficiently organize and track emails alone. It can also deliver customized responses with previous customer information at hand.

2. Chatbots

Call centers and live chat divisions were nothing out of the ordinary for businesses. It was considered a routine part of a business in the digital information age. Artificial intelligence is yet again poised to change that.

Modern chatbot systems have become very sophisticated. They can respond in a very convincing manner to queries. Through access to in-depth customer data, chatbots can predict queries and questions. This allows them to answer more convincingly and increase sales and lead generation. Chatbots also operate 24/7, thus providing customer service round the clock.

3. Data Mining Assisted Customer Insights

One of the biggest advantages that AI possesses is the power of its computing mechanisms. AI can mine data, forecast predictions, and incorporate it all to give you actionable insights.

Very accurate pictures can be gained using customer information from many data points. This will allow you to market more accurately and increase your sales. Customer needs will be fulfilled better as a result. They will find needs satisfied which even they might not have known about.

4. Mass Customization

AI allows you to scale up your business operations while fulfilling customized orders. Normally, the two are tradeoffs when scaling businesses. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

This is possible thanks to the information gathering and extraction capabilities of AI. Combining this ability with JIT operations produces tailored products. The most prominent example of this is Netflix. It runs a global service with millions of subscribers. Yet, artificial intelligence allows it to provide customized recommendations for every viewer. 


The above are only some of the ways that have been discovered to better customer service with AI. There are many more to be found. The shift to AI is already happening across various industries. You would do well to board the train while you still can, lest you be forced to run after it. 

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