Reinventing Customer Service

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Customer engagement is one of the most challenging problems for most businesses. With the increasing number of ways in which customers communicate with brands— from phone calls, text messaging, social media messaging — it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to integrate relationships into useful information.

Even today, customer service products concentrate on personal lines of communication and treat clients as case numbers or tickets. However, it is essential to change that and re-imagine the business /consumer connection by centralizing all communications and deciding what should be the atomic unit of their product: the client.

Here are some steps you should be taking to reinvent customer service:

1. Create a Centralized Panel Where All Staff Can Receive Updates from the Business As Soon As They Leave

One of the most prevalent client frustrations is dealing with inexperienced employees. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a client to know more about the business for the latest launch/ promotion than a customer service officer does.

Try your utmost to stay clear of such shameful allegations to your reputation. After all, it’s not hard. Just add one more thing to your client service routine and establish a place where any and all updates are shared with the entire team before customers receive the news.

2. Establish Tools for Analytics and Spend Time Digging Into That Data

Analytics are essential. This does not only include those related to your customer service channels, but general performance analytics showing if any progress has been made are also very important.

See customer service as another marketing and sales tool and see if you are meeting objectives and moving forward.

3. Establish a System of Feedback

Don’t depend on the numbers of analytics alone. Listen to your customers ‘ live feedback and see if you meet their expectations. Also, customers will point out the places where you can enhance and suggest how you can enhance.

Monitor all of your channels of customer service for feedback and set up extra feedback instruments such as on-site survey, post-purchase survey, post-chat survey to gain more ideas and build higher customer engagement.

4. Make Consistency a Priority for You

Recent statistics indicate that 58 percent of clients complain that businesses are unable to deliver upfront what they promised.

Make sure that you keep away from fake marketing commitments given both online and throughout your customer service channels. Let each team member know what services and products you are offering and what the identity, mission, and culture of your company are.

Practice under-promising and over-delivering.

5. Create a Bonus Program for the Customer

It is essential to offer incentives to clients who do business with you on an ongoing basis, and this is not necessarily because individuals like free things. People are more interested in attention than anything else. They want to be acknowledged and valued.

Adding some additional service to demonstrate your appreciation of the business of your customers can help you get greater retention rates.

Now that you know the value of customer service reinvention, perhaps it’s time to upgrade the way your business deals with customers.

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