4 Terrific Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Watch Out for

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Digital marketing is on the rise. It has changed the dynamics of how we perceive and respond to an advertisement and certainly offers the best tools for effective marketing. It has opened up new markets and opportunities for people who felt isolated from traditional methods of marketing.

Seattle, for example, has experienced a massive rise in tech employees moving to the digital field because it is a much more dynamic and affordable option. Amazon has greatly inspired many people and even industries to remodel their marketing landscapes and create digital jobs.

So, if you’re one such business who has realized the paramount importance of digital marketing, here is a bundle of 2019 digital marketing tools you need to keep an eye out for.

1.   Canva

The biggest plus of working in the digital field is that it is designed to unleash creativity and inventiveness. People get to play around with artistic tools like Canva to make their marketing campaigns more vivid and striking.

Before you market a product, remember that your customers are only going to retain 20% of what they read but will probably remember everything they see. Canva, therefore, allows users to create artistic text, out-of-the-box images, and customized photo filters.

Users can even build images from scratch or improvise on stock photos for eye-catching backgrounds and designs. With its super-convenient drag-and-drop technology, you can edit out and insert however you want. There are no artistic restrictions for digital marketers, which is what essentially improves their skills.

2.   AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a versatile smart platform that allows you to manage all your social media accounts with a single click. Be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook or LinkedIn, you can keep your clients happy with prompt responses and top customer service.

You can also measure and analyze your social media activities while interacting with your followers to deal with the right audience.

3.   HubSpot Marketing

If you’re looking for tools to expand and grow your business, then HubSpot is the tool for you. Not only is it free, but you can also set up user-friendly popup forms, web forms, and brilliant live chat software to interact with your customers.

HubSpot also gives you the option to use all the client information and store it on your CRM to study the customer’s behavior. These tools will allow you to convert potential leads into customers, increase organic traffic on your website, and increase close rates with effective sales.

4.   Hotjar

Hotjar is the best tool for online marketing. By plugging it onto your website, you will be able to study crucial stats on the organic traffic, a visitor’s buying habits and other unique metrics to understand customer behavior.

A visitor’s behavior is usually recorded via scroll maps, heat maps, click maps, and feedback surveys. This will help you better understand what products are most popular amongst your customers, and you can improve them.

Acquiring digital marketing skills is one of the easiest ways to turn visitors into repeat customers. Allow these tools to inspire your work and marketing strategies!

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