3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Improve Workers’ Productivity

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Managers are always looking for ways to improve their team’s productivity. It is the most oft-asked question, and there are just as many answers to it. However, the only proven way to enhance your workers’ performance is by leveraging technology.

As Millennials, half of their day is spent online, which is the biggest hint that it’s time to use tech-savvy tools and apps to expand the productivity threshold. If you’re wondering how technology can improve productivity, then here are some tech-savvy tools to prove that.

1.   Collaboration Software

A speedy and reliable way to maintain high worker productivity is by introducing a collaboration software system. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly your team members finish their daily tasks and pick up on project details after improved collaboration.

Instead of going up to each employee and reminding them about their day’s goals, simply convert the entire process to a management software program. The employees and workers of today are heavily reliant on tech-savvy methods of communication.

Use this as a tool to engage them by creating each employee’s profile over the management software. They will have access to key project details and will be able to catch up on anything they have missed. It will give your team members a wonderful opportunity to discuss fresh ideas, existing problems, and come up with a plausible solution.

Cloud-based software systems or digital note-taking can greatly enhance in-house collaboration and improve workers’ productivity. Instead of carrying out physical brainstorming sessions, you can conduct virtual meetings where even the shy workers, work from home employees, and those in remote areas will have a chance to pitch their ideas.

2.   Improve In-House Communication with Group Chats

The biggest threats to your workers’ productivity are the daily blunders that can greatly compromise on the project’s quality and deliverance. Blunders and mistakes usually happen due to inefficient communication.

According to Debra Hamilton, small companies lose more than $400,000 annually simply due to poor communication amongst the team members. A smart way to eliminate this chasm is through group chats. Instead of e-mailing each worker multiple times a day, simply communicate the message once and clearly over group messaging.

All the questions can be promptly answered, requests can be placed, and project details can be efficiently discussed when the team members share a single chat for discussions. It will also keep all of the employees in the loop in case they are away.

3.   Eliminate Late-Coming and Absences with Automated Attendance

Workers who know they are let off easy when it comes to absences or starting their work late will never make an effort to improve. They might also commit time theft by asking someone else to clock in for them.

You can seriously put your company’s productivity at risk if you don’t automate the time tracking system. You will also be sparing your HR staff the work of rectifying and auditing employee time logs. Most importantly, automated attendance will lend you a closer look into how much effort each employee is putting in on a daily basis.

Technology is still evolving, and while these are just a few methods to improve productivity, there are far more that businesses can benefit from. The key is to remain open, take risks, and embrace automation with open arms.

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