3 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from a Live Chat Feature

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Building a strong customer base is fundamental for a growing business. In the initial stages, accumulating funds, capital, and resources can be hard; therefore, most of your success largely depends on positive word of mouth.

For this reason, a live chat feature comes in effectively handy. Cost-free and user-friendly, it allows small businesses to proactively interact with new customers and recommend meaningful product solutions to them.

Incorporating live chat into your website will train you on top-notch customer service. Here’s an insight into the advantages of live chat support to help you achieve that.

1.   Acquire Competitive Advantage

Ask yourself this – when you’re surfing a product website, how often do you see live chat support? If the answer is “rarely,” then you have your first reason right there. More than 80% of customers need some kind of online support when they’re making a purchase. It’s surprising that most well-established businesses are oblivious to chat integration.

Your business may be small, but it can establish its own niche very quickly with a live chat feature.  A 24/7 customer service will attract more organic traffic to your website because you’re likely to answer customers queries and questions on the spot.

Most consumers switch to a competitor business or cancel their cart because of delayed responses by a business. You can bridge this gap by marketing your live chat feature. When you focus on making quality customer service an integral part of your brand image, you’ll quickly stand out from your rivals.

2.   Save Time, Cost, and Resources

There’s a lot to save through a live chat feature. Don’t be tempted into investing in an extravagant market campaign that may or may not promise you success. Instead, save up your budget and human capital by using a live chat feature.

The only cost you’ll be spending is the time it will take to train your agents and assistants to effectively interact with your customers. The rest of your resources can be dedicated to other tenets of the business like logistics, finances, and CSR (corporate social responsibility). A small business can quickly achieve new heights of success by being consistent and productive.

This is especially true if you’re also managing a small team that will need tech-savvy training for customer support. On average, customers expect quick answers and resolutions from the agent in no less than 23 seconds. This should give you a good idea on how a live chat feature alone can help you draw in most of your customers while minimizing the budget requirements.

3.   Increase Revenue

Convincing your customers to buy your services starts by building a relationship of trust and reliability. You have to educate them on the value of your products that simply can’t be found elsewhere. A live chat feature has proven time and again to boost online sales simply because customers feel that their views and opinions are being heard.

When you have live chat agents on the line 24/7, there’s no way you will ever miss out on a potential customer or sale. Customers always want to consult a real person before making a purchase to consolidate their decisions.

Now that you’re convinced about the undoubted advantages of live chat support, it’s time to onboard your business team to one!

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