Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

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A well crafted and properly executed digital marketing campaign can build brand awareness, increase the demand for your products and services, and improve customer engagement rates. But what are the best digital marketing strategies? Which approaches are the most effective and which digital marketing trends should you definitely not miss out on?

Let us review the most popular digital marketing trends of this year.

Facebook May Be About to Reach Its Peak

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform. But let’s keep in mind that some of your target audience may be switching from Facebook to other platforms, particularly Instagram. This is especially true for the younger audience.

While you should still continue to market on Facebook, remember that if most of your target audience is younger or you’re a B2B company, you should consider other platforms as well and step up your game on them.

Let’s ‘Insta’!

Facebook owns Instagram, so even if their popularity may be dwindling, they definitely have nothing to worry about. Along with Facebook, you must build your presence on Instagram as well, especially because it is super easy to share photos and videos on the go.

After all, Instagram has more than a billion users.  You surely don’t want to miss out on these users, do you?

Deploy Chatbots

Chatbots ‘talk’ to your users, providing them with information and assisting them in any way possible. They interact in a natural way, primarily through a text chatting application, but they can also interact verbally.

Use chatbots to handle and manage basic and redundant customer support tasks so that you can free your human resources for more valuable business functions. Chatbots were widely used in 2018, and this year, we expect the numbers to rise further.

Focus on Video Marketing

73% of our citizens use YouTube for watching videos on a daily basis. And many of these videos are actually created as part of various digital marketing campaigns. But remember that YouTube isn’t the only platform where you should be posting videos. Share your videos on other social media channels because video marketing increases conversion rates quickly and helps you close leads faster.

Content Marketing Still Remains Essential

Developing valuable content is still one of the most valuable digital marketing trends of this year. ‘Focus on quality, and not quantity,’ is an old piece of advice that is still relevant today. Understand your target market and then share relevant content that addresses their pain points and commonly faced challenges.


Which of these digital marketing trends will you try out? Adopt these trends as soon as possible if you don’t want to be left behind in the competitive race!

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