Developing Impactful Yet Cost Effective Ad Campaigns

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During the initial days of your business, budget is often limited. This means that your promotional tactic or ad campaign that you come up with must be purposeful and help you get those conversions or whatever it is that you’re aiming for. Talking particularly about ads, both the content and the channel must be appropriate.

Your ads must be impactful right from the start so that you can engage your target audience and get the response you desire. When planning an ad campaign, consider their needs first and foremost if you want to maximize returns on your investment.

Here are some tips that you can utilize for effective ad campaigns.

Basing Your Ads on Emotions

Effective ad campaigns strike an emotional appeal. Rather than highlighting storage, emphasize how you can benefit the audience and how you add more value to their everyday lives. Consider Nike as an example; their tagline is Just Do It; nowhere does it talk about shoes, but it’s catchy and motivates you to do something. So basically, Nike wants to change your perception and attitudes; targeting athletics, they convey the message that their footwear can definitely result in better performance, and perhaps help you get that trophy.

There are so many benefits when you reach out to your audience through emotions. Speak what they want to hear. And if they leave positive feedback for you, then share their voices through reviews and testimonials. After all, user-generated content is more impactful simply because other potential customers find it more authentic, relevant and relatable.

So basically, your campaigns need to be spot on. As simple as it may sound, startups often communicate the wrong messages, focusing more on the company rather than value propositions. Ensure that your ad copy doesn’t make any of these mistakes.

Sticking to Your Core Brand

Do you already have a brand guide? Take a step back, and create one if you don’t have one. Now, when planning an ad campaign, keep your brand guidelines in mind, and use it as a base for all messages. Before running your ads, review them carefully and make sure they are consistent with your brand. Throughout, the overall design, tone, and feel must be consistent.

Deciding between Urgency and Brand Visibility

Many ad campaigns push out urgent messages, along the lines Limited Time Offeror Buy Now. This does work, but only for a short time. If you want immediate short-term sales, your messages can be urgent. But otherwise, focus on the long run and try to build your brand visibility and reputation. Your purpose should be credibility and lasting customer relationships. Tell a story, showcase your brand’s personality, take a softer and more subtle approach so that you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

So which tip are you going to try out first? Do let us know!

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