3 Customer Service Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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How well have your customer service metrics been doing lately? If they’re at the same level as they were at the start of the year, then here’s how you can come out on top. Follow the latest customer service trends of 2019, and step up your game!

1.   AI being Supervised by Humans

Yes, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things are taking over the world. We aren’t denying that… but for these technologies to be truly successful, we still need humans in the loop. You may already have many chatbots in place, but someone in your customer service department still needs to watch over them.

As an example, a chatbot can answer straightforward questions like “when will I receive my parcel?” or “how much money is here in my account?” But what if it is two days past the expected delivery date, and the customer has yet to receive their parcel. Or what if a customer has already received the product, but is extremely dissatisfied with the quality. It is in situations like these that your team needs to step in, sympathizing, empathizing and apologizing.

Also, AI based systems run on the information that is being provided to them. If this data isn’t of quality, don’t expect the results to be. So however advanced the system or the algo may be, do give analysis and make sure the outcome is exactly what is desired.

This year, utilize technology to the maximum but ensure that your team is in the loop wherever required.

2.   Personalized Journeys

Personalized customer journeys are one of the biggest customer service trends of 2019. These days, your company, or any other business out there, has a lot of information about their customers. You know what they like, you’re aware of their interests and you even have an idea about their personality. You can also view their purchasing history. All of this seems to be useful information only when it is collected, combined together and accessed through a single platform. While Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools have already been there for some time to achieve this, we are actually talking about Customer Experience Management software (CEMs) that allows you to craft the customer’s journey from the beginning to the end. So rather than considering every customer to be the same, you will be treating them exactly as they are.

Also referred to as conversational support, you build a stronger relationship with your customers through this approach. Understand the customer’s journey deeper and supplement it with available data.

3.   Customer Health Monitoring

Customer health monitoring is the difference between good and excellent customer service. Rather than waiting for customers to contact you, reach out and let them know of issues they are likely to face.


So do you have a long trail of satisfied customers now? If you do, then here’s a bonus tip— keep them engaged!

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