Taking a Closer Look at How the Nature of Sales Has Evolved

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Over the years, the consumer market has changed which has led to the evolution of the nature of sales too. Despite the fact that sales are a function that has been around for centuries, it has now changed to accommodate the changes in the market.

But how exactly has this area changed? Let’s take a closer look at the evolution of the nature of sales here:

1.    CRM Is a Necessity

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a huge necessity today and cannot be an afterthought. It is one of the simplest ways through which you can add value to your products and services. Even industry leaders are recognizing just how CRM can positively impact consumer buying behavior.

Companies that invest more in this area and make it visible for their consumers can expect to get more from sales.

2.    Consumers are Now More Informed

Overall, the average consumer has more access to information than they previously had. This means that when they’re looking to buy something, they have done their research and are more informed about the decision.

Sales can be boosted in this manner by creating content that not only provides information but motivates buyers to take action. SEO usage has also increased to capitalize on this factor.

3.    Inbound Traffic has Grown

While cold calling consumers was a sure-fire sales tactic, it is no longer as effective.  More consumers prefer to approach the business. This means that inbound traffic has not only increased but lead to an improvement in inbound marketing tactics.

The use of SEO, consumer-relevant information, discounts, promotions, and even giveaways all drive traffic inbound. When used perfectly, a business might find that they rarely ever need to use outbound marketing tactics now.

4.    Video-Based Marketing Has Increased

As 90% of the content online has grown to be more video-based, it has led to the use of video-based marketing content even more. The use of How-To videos, unboxing videos and even vloggers all creates more awareness and interest in the product.

Most businesses have also turned into content creators in this manner. There’s also a wider interaction with target audiences, thanks to features like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Snapchat. Compared to video-based marketing in the past, these are real game changers.

5.    Marketing and Sales Have Co-Mingled

For decades, sales and marketing have been separately defined departments but not anymore. Marketing and sales work side-by-side to produce better results. It’s evident in how marketing teams rely on the sales team to learn consumer behavior, buying trends and the demand for products.

Similarly, sales teams rely on marketing teams to understand products and market perceptions about their products. Working like this has created a win-win situation for all parties involved, including the customers.

6.    Ratings and Reviews Make a Difference

Now, consumers pay more attention to reviews, recommendations, and word-of-mouth marketing. This has led to sales evolving to work with brand ambassadors and influencers. In the past, brand ambassadors were used but only by big brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, and Pepsi.

In the current marketplace, even brands such as Fashion Nova were able to build a following and garner public interest by influencer marketing.

It’s easy to see that the nature of sales has evolved a lot over the years and it will be interesting to see what the future holds here.

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