Marketing on Twitter – 4 Effective Tips You Need to Know

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Online marketing is tricky as you need to apply different methods to different social media platforms. One of the most confusing social media platforms happens to be Twitter. The word limit it has, its use of hashtags and handles is also something that adds a degree of complexity.

However, the learning curve might be steep with Twitter but once you get the hang of it, you will see that it is very effective. In fact, the Instagram, Facebook and even Snapchat have incorporated hashtags and handles into their platforms. To understand all these elements and for effective marketing, try the following effective tips on Twitter:

1.   Using the Right Handle

When you’re setting up the business profile on Twitter, make sure you use a handle that can be associated with your business. In some cases, you might have to edit the handle a bit. For example, H&M have a business profile with the handle @hm.

This is due to the fact that the “&”symbol cannot be used in the handle. Also, make sure that the handle isn’t being used by anyone else. This can cause confusions when someone wants to interact with your business.

2.   Use Hashtags Properly

Always make sure to use hashtags in your posts. These are some of the easiest ways for people to interact on Twitter. The right hashtag can improve the visibility of your post and show up in relevant search results. Data shows that tweets with hashtags receive twice the amount of engagement as others.

However, tweets you shouldn’t use too many hashtags. Using more than two hashtags can decrease your interaction by 17%. You can use different analytic software to see which hashtags are more popular and make sure to use them.

3.   Add Images When Possible

Sharing images on Twitter is also a great way to engage with your audience. Make sure that you add an image on your header to make sure that your logo is visible on your business profile. Image posts can also be combined with hashtags and you can increase engagement through them.

A good example of a business that makes meaningful image based posts is Nike. Their posts about Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick both featured a black and white image and some text. Not only did that increase their engagement but it also raised awareness of the social issues that both athletes represent.

4.   Shorten the Website Link

This is a necessity, not only because Twitter has a word count but because shorter links look neater and more in line with the business. Twitter has an option for it but if you’re making posts through software like Hoot Suite, you can also shorten the link. Neater posts are also more likely to engage your audience when you are marketing on Twitter. The longer links tend to also look spammy so it is a good idea to prevent giving that impression.

With the help of these tips, you can easily start using Twitter for marketing your business and create engagement. While you won’t get followers overnight, if you use the tips mentioned above, you will see a difference.

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