3 Ways You Can Help Create Engagement and Interaction Through Your Marketing Strategy

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When it comes to your target market, maintaining a certain level of engagement and interaction with them will make a marked difference in your sales, conversions, and leads. That’s the reason why more marketing strategies are being designed to capitalize on this area. Based on the benefits you get, you have a higher chance of boosting your ROI from your marketing strategy.

However, creating engagement and interaction is easier said than done. In fact, once you can actively start to focus on this area, you might find it difficult to get the results you want. Luckily, the following are a few ways through which you can help create engagement in your marketing strategy:

1.   Hold a Competition

Everybody loves taking part in a competition, and since the Mannequin challenge, almost everyone has been looking for the next one. Including a challenge for your business can also play a huge role in increasing engagement, boosting awareness and reaching out to newer markets.

The ASL Ice Bucket challenge was another way that seamlessly blended marketing with engagement and interaction. In fact, the Ice Bucket challenge went global, with people from all across the world taking part in it.  Collectively, this challenge helped raise around $115 million in 2014 alone.

2.   Add a Personal Touch

Another way that you can improve engagement and interaction is by adding a personal touch to the marketing strategy. While you might struggle a bit here, take a page out of how bigger brands market their products. McDonald’s and Pepsi are great at personalization, but Coca Cola went viral with their “Share a Coke” marketing campaign in 2018.

It made their products more personal, increased the overall value and also created more engagement. In fact, people were buying bottles just because their names were on it or to give them to others. It was a simple thing, but it led to Coca Cola winning the Clio Award for Interactive.

3.   Showcase Your Brand Values

Brands which showcase brand values are also better at creating engagement and improving interaction. In fact, brand values need to be reflected in your marketing strategy in order to get better results. This allows your target audience to feel pride in support of the business. Nowadays, more people want to give their money to businesses that contribute to society in a positive manner.

Nike has been vocal about its support for women’s equality and social justice in sports by backing up Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick. While this did raise a few eyebrows and the brand did lose out on a few buyers, it also strengthened Nike’s image in the market and many people became brand loyal due to this move.

You don’t need to be as bold as Nike, but you can make sure that your marketing strategy reflects your values, is engaging enough and adds value to your product. By doing this, you will definitely see a boost in your engagement and interaction.

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