How Has the Concept of Leadership Evolved

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Good leaders are the ones who constantly evolve with each passing year. Knowing this fact is important because one issue that many leaders face is that they begin to stagnate. The concept of leadership changes as the workplace changes. This doesn’t mean that someone with traditional leadership skills is a bad leader. But they can become one if they aren’t adapting to their environment.

The current workplace comprises more and more of millennials as well as Gen Z individuals who have a completely different concept of leadership. Unlike traditional ideas, they prefer leaders who lead by example. Having a traditional hierarchy can also end up negatively impacting the workforce. Around 33% of millennials have expressed that they strive in collaborative environments with a modern concept of leadership.

The New Concept of Leadership

In the past, the concept of leadership has been rooted in hierarchy and tradition. Unfortunately, this ended up creating a very stiff workplace environment, where people have often felt like there are unspoken boundaries that have to be adhered to. Practices like micromanaging, limited access and more are very common here. This also ends up causing issues in the workplace as well as general confusion.

The new concept of leadership is one who leads by example and is part of a team. Working in a team not only breeds more camaraderie but also shows that you’re willing to do your part. Think of it in this light: Steve Jobs was loved by his coworkers at Apple because he not only helped in the creative department but also trusted the skills of his team. Jobs made sure that at the workplace, he was just as accessible to his team members as he was to the investors of Apple.

Additionally, millennials and Gen Z are more outspoken about their leaders and the work environment. A good leader and a good work environment are two crucial aspects that they search for in a job. They’re also not afraid to walk away from a place where they feel that these two are not available and there is no opportunity for growth.

Are You a Good Leader?

It can be actually very difficult to know if you’re a good leader or not. Often, leaders tend to have a myopic view of their skill sets, and if you don’t have a broader perspective or concept of leadership, it can be very easy to get trapped here. One of the biggest ways that you can realize this factor is through self-awareness.

  • Are you able to lead your team well?
  • Do you get results?
  • Is your team happy with you?

A good leader is someone who would not ask others to do something that he himself would not do. This is a concept of leadership which many millennials and Gen Z individuals support and embrace. Equality, teamwork, and willingness to learn and change are all qualities that leaders need to showcase.

Luckily, if you’re a good leader, you won’t have to search for the right team – it will find you!

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