3 Reasons That Show Marketing is Not Just About Making Sales

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Connecting marketing with just sales is an error that even the most seasoned businesses end up making. The problem lies in the fact that marketing works in a cycle for them. In fact, it follows this simple formula:

[You post something + People come to buy it] ×Repeat 100 times = Profit

Following this formula might be simple and easy but then a person ends up missing out on the other benefits that their marketing strategy can offer. The first step for any business is to stop focusing on a profit only mode.

While you might be following the formula mentioned above, it can narrow down your vision and prevent you from seeing the other ways your marketing strategy can benefit you. The following are a few reasons that show your marketing strategy is not just about making sales for a business:

1.   Building a Brand

Your marketing content also makes a major impact on the kind of brand you are building. This is why you need to carefully curate the content you share. You are not just making an impact on the sales; you are also defining the culture of your business. Take a look at the posts shared by big businesses such as Nike. Each post not only highlights their product but also shows their beliefs.

A recent post they shared showcases their support of Serena Williams in light of the French Open ban that prevents her from wearing her black catsuit. In her own words, it made her feel like a superhero. Nike shared an image of Serena Williams in Nike gear with a simple statement – “You can take the superhero out of her costume, but you can never take away her superpowers.”

2.   Developing Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can also be built with your marketing strategy. A large number of your sales come from repeat clients and they are consistently developed by your marketing strategy. Many sign up for newsletters to stay informed but if you are constantly bombarding them with content, they can flag you for spam. Another way that you can build customer loyalty from your marketing strategy is by understanding your customers.

Good marketing is done in a manner that makes the customer feel compelled to buy the product. A good example of this can be the 5 Pot Promotion offered by LUSH Cosmetics. They offer their products in reusable, recyclable black pots. If a person returns 5 clean and empty pots, they get a free Fresh Face Mask.

3.   Improved Engagement

Engagement can also be improved through your marketing strategy. This is more obvious in the social media pages that a business has. The most notable examples of improved engagement happen to be Wendy’s on Twitter and Netflixisajoke on Instagram.

Both profiles make use of humor and increase interaction with the target market. Netflixisajoke and Wendy’s make posts with popular meme’s, slang terms and other terms, which make their marketing strategy more relatable and improve engagement and interaction, even with other businesses.

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