What Do Your Users Have to Say? – User Reviews and their Impact on a Business

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With each passing year, buyers have turned into careful shoppers. They compare prices, look for better options and they also look at user reviews of others who have used the products or worked with a certain business before. In fact, user reviews make a bigger impact than you would have expected.

On this basis, businesses need to be more attentive, not only in getting user reviews but also in utilizing them properly. Many businesses don’t bother making use of user reviews as a tool that could boost their business. On the other hand, market research on consumer behavior has shown a completely different story.

Data shows that around 97% of all consumers search for a business online and look for user reviews. If you don’t think that this can impact your business, you should also consider that 83% of consumers are more likely to trust a user review as much as they trust a personal recommendation. So, what’s the true impact that user reviews can have on a business?

Build More Credibility

User reviews make a business look more credible and reliable. In fact, data shows that around 73% of people will be more likely to trust a business based on the reviews that are being generated. It also depends on the kind of reviews a business has. Four or more negative reviews will end up turning the consumer away from a business.

An Impression of Quality

Apart from the quality, user reviews are also being looked upon to set a standard of quality. Facebook, the Google My Business feature as well as other review platforms like Yelp have a 5-star rating system. For many users, a business with 5 stars indicates quality in terms of services. Similarly, many users have a set requirement in place that they will not work with a business that is lower than 4 stars because they believe that these will not be up to par or provide them with quality services.

Increase Sales

Good reviews are a sign that you are doing something right and other consumers are going to want to work with you. Positive reviews will translate into increased sales for your business which in turn means better growth. Another reason why it means better sales is because of the high number of people who will trust a user review. As mentioned earlier, this number comes up to 83% of all consumers.

Better Ranking

User reviews can also impact your business’s SEO ranking. Google’s incorporation of Google My Business means that the better your rating is, the better your exposure you will get and you will show up more easily on the search results. Moreover, the best part is that user reviews can also be used for local SEO which can improve your ranking in terms of local SEO.

All in all, user reviews can be used to the benefit of your business and they are a great tool you can make use off. On the other hand, make sure to use the negative ones as a learning experience to address what is wrong and improve your services.

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