4 Brands that Improved Customer Interaction by Using an Online Quiz

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You might think that online quizzes serve no purpose other than as filler content, but you’d be wrong here. As an interactive marketing tool, online quizzes can improve customer interaction, generate leads, educate the target market and boost sales.

The versatility of online quizzes makes it a valuable tool to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Additionally, many businesses have made use of online quizzes and improved customer interaction. Take a look at the best examples here:

1.   Zenni Optical

When it comes to driving traffic, Zenni Optical did it best. They took the time to develop a fun and light-hearted quiz called, You Have Been Framed.” The aim of the quiz was to improve brand awareness as well as increase traffic to their website. The quiz results matched consumers with the perfect frames from Zenni Optical’s inventory. The appeal of the quiz is in the humorous, lighthearted tone which made it instantly shareable. Over the course of six months, the quiz has been responsible for generating around 30,000 lead conversions and boosted the ROI by 9,655%.

2.   The American Red Cross

A company that focuses on the well-being of all human life, the American Red Cross made use of online quizzes in a more educational manner. One of their most popular quizzes is, Know the Drill: Find Out How You Would Handle a Home Fire.” The quiz gives different tips and checklist in an interactive manner, making it easier for children to learn and retain. Another popular quiz that the American Red Cross has, namely Do You Actually Know How to Swim?” generated over 700 shares in just a day.

3.   Z Gallerie

One of the most effective quizzes that generate leads and boost sales is the one developed by Z Gallerie. Their interactive quiz, What is Your Z Gallerie Personality?” matches consumers with the right furniture and décor from their inventory. The quiz also makes use of a ploy where one has to enter their email address and name to get the results emailed to them. Not everyone prefers to opt into a newsletter but using quizzes has proven to be beneficial. Z Gallerie has a success rate of 50% in this manner. Additionally, the quiz generates drives over 1,000 leads per day for the business.

4.   Topshop

An e-commerce store that focuses on apparel for men and women, Topshop made use of an online quiz called, “My Topshop Wardrobe,” to generate sales, gain leads and increase brand awareness. Their quiz is developed to be a personal shopper for people by matching them up with products from Topshop’s inventory. The quiz highlights their dressing style. It also gets a better understanding of the target market by collecting information based on the preferences of their style, their personality, and even their favorite celebrities. They also offer a discount if people are interested in buying the products that they are matched with.

These aren’t the only examples but they are among the ones that highlight just how effective online quizzes are for marketing. The best part is that online quizzes are easy to make so you can start making them today!

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