4 Signs that a Candidate is a Good Hire for Your Workplace

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When hiring, you can only do so much screening because you never know how the candidate will be when they are working with your team. Nonetheless, there are still certain signs that you can turn to in order to determine whether they are a good fit in your workplace or not. The following are the major ones that you can use to gauge this factor:

1.   They Share the Company Values

Sharing values is necessary for many reasons, particularly in ensuring that the candidate you have hired will be a good fit or not. Even if they don’t gel with the corporate culture, if they share the same values, it won’t be too long. Remember to help out the employee as well. You want to make sure that you have shared all the details with them. In this manner, you can ensure that they are not going to stir the pot or become disillusioned by how the person is working with your business.

2.   Passionate about the Industry

Make sure that you are hiring someone who is passionate about working in the same industry as your business. This ensures that you aren’t just getting someone who is looking to get employed. Working with your business won’t be just another job, just another paycheck for them. This also allows you to ensure that you have driven individuals working with you who care about the kind of work they are doing through the business.

3.   Work with the Team

Teamwork is necessary for any business and group projects can expedite productivity. Unfortunately, if you have someone who doesn’t get along well with other members in the group, it can greatly mar the overall productivity of the team. It is necessary to ensure that you get an individual who works well with a team and contributes just as much as the others do. If the others find their workload increasing because of a particular person, they might not be the best hire or the best fit for the workplace at the moment.

4.   Great at Individual Work

Self-driven employees are also necessary because micro-managing someone is not productive in any manner. After the first few weeks, an employee should be able to handle their work and projects with ease. They should also be able to understand their projects enough to deliver work that automatically streamlines and improves results. You want to have an employee who is self-correcting. They can identify the faults and correct them before someone brings it to their attention.

Being Patient

All these signs should be studied over a period of 18 months. This is because it takes around 12 months for a new hire to understand the office culture completely. After this, the additional 6 months are needed to evaluate their work properly. If, after 18 months, the employee is not where you need them to be, you can consider further training them. Always remember that your employee could have some true potential. They just haven’t unlocked it yet.

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