4 Signs that you are Marketing Too Much and Annoying Your Audience

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With online marketing, there are so many different mediums for interaction and advertisement such as social media ads, email marketing and more than you can believe that the only way to get the results you want is to make sure that you’re promoting on each channel. This means that your customers are getting bombarded with email promotions, promotions or ads on their social media and other channels that you are making use of.

On the other hand, there is a fine balance in online marketing and just like you can be under marketing or underselling your products and services, you can also be over marketing your products too. The problem with over-marketing though is that you can seriously harm your potential and drive your audience away from you permanently.

Luckily, there are a few give away signs that indicate to this matter. The following are some common signs that you are marketing too much and annoying your audience:

1.   People are Jumping Ship

If you’re monitoring the responses you’re getting, try to keep an eye on the number of subscribers you have lost, or the number of people who have started to, unlike your page. In many cases, businesses can expect to lose a certain amount of customers on their social media or email marketing accounts but is it happening too frequently? This can be a result of over-marketing where you are sharing too much content. Customers aren’t always happy seeing the same thing again and again and they will eventually cut ties with your business.

2.   Getting Flagged for Spam

Email marketing is an art and the biggest thing you need to master in it is the ability to balance the frequency with which you send them. As a rule of thumb, many email marketers have a weekly email round that they send out. This can even be extended to a week and a half or two weeks time before the next one. On the other hand, if you are sending out an email twice or thrice in a week, you’re going to be marked for spamming a person’s inbox. Being marked as spam means that your emails will no longer be reaching the client and you will also be asked to stop. If you’re over marketing, this is going to happen.

3.   You’re beginning to Be Tone Deaf

Healthy marketing practices on social media or even on your website ensure that you are able to build a connection with your target market. One of the best ways that businesses connect with their customers is through social media posts regarding current events that are occurring. However, if you’re over marketing, you might be falling into the tone-deaf territory. Not only will your post be too frequent, but they could also come off as poorly prepared and controversial.

4.   Not Giving Buyers Time

When you’re marketing a product, you need to give your buyers time to make the decision to buy the product. They want to be able to make that decision on their own. On the other hand, by constantly bombarding them with the advertisements, you aren’t allowing them to reach any decision other than getting away from you as quickly as possible.

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