The Role of Good Website Design and Development in Your Marketing Strategy

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When working out a marketing strategy, most businesses are so focused on leading their target market to their websites that they can often forget if they have a website worth visiting or not. You know the old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink and this applies to your target market as well.

You can lead them to your website with the help of your marketing strategy but if it is not designed well, they are not going to take the bait. But how important is your website design when it comes to being used for marketing?

Well for starters, you can’t expect it to successfully convert the leads you generate. Leaving something half done is worse since it shows that you needed just the right push to finish it. Based on this aspect, your website design should make use of the following in order to be considered effective for your marketing strategy:

Makes Use of SEO

Good SEO needs to be used in websites. This point has been repeated so many times it has become redundant at times but there are still businesses that are learning how to use SEO. Also, note that search engines are more likely to feature your website in their results if it has the proper amount of SEO. Excessive stuffing of keywords can get you penalized. Good website design will make use of SEO in a balanced manner. It also ensures that each page has SEO so it can show up on the search results. Your home page doesn’t always have to the first page that a visitor lands on.

Good Rate of CRO

CRO or conversion rate optimization refers to the ability to convert your leads into sales. Many websites often forget that they are being judged by their websites by the user. A poorly designed website will make one hesitant to conduct business with it, no matter how much they want the product. Think of it in this way: If you visited a website that looked like it was just quickly slapped together, you would look for another one too. With internet fraud and more still not an uncommon occurrence, you end up losing by making your website appear a little less than ideal.

Good User Experience (UX)

The overall user interface of your website or the experience that a user has on your website will also play a role in both the CRO and the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Considering the fact that users don’t have more than 4 seconds to spare, your website should take less than time to load. A chunky or complicated design and layout will also make the client turn tail. Additionally, if your website does not have a mobile interface, you can be seriously losing out on a lot of money.

At the end of the day, it is a good idea to review your website before you launch a marketing campaign. This allows you to avoid wasting resources and optimize the results you were looking for.

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