The Connection between Corporate Cultures and Employee Happiness

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When it comes to the happiness of employees, thankfully, times have begun to change and a business no longer views them as giant money bags with dollar signs on them. Happy employees are productive individuals and more businesses are realizing this aspect. In fact, more businesses are learning that employees in a relaxed environment are happier, show up to work and are more productive in their work as well.

Naturally, corporate culture makes a difference to an employee. Spending almost 8 hours or more of their day at work, employees tend to be more sensitive to the kind of environment they are in. Of course, this means that the environment or the corporate culture of a place makes a huge impact on employee happiness. Not so sure about it? There is proof which shows that there is a strong connection.

Work-Life Stress

More and more employees understand the negative effects of work-life stress. Having to perform under pressure can actually de-motivate as well as cause an employee to make more errors in their work. Moreover, stress is also related to causing anxiety, fatigue, and emotional distress and even cardiovascular diseases. There is a reason why businessmen suffer more from strokes and heart attacks.

Working in such an environment for a long time can cause a person to experience a burn-out. With so many other stresses to deal with such as paying the bills, supporting a family and ensuring that all basic necessities are met, many people would just quit the job which stresses them out. A lot of businesses that face employee retention problems can look at their corporate culture to identify this aspect.

A Demand

A healthy corporate culture can also attract employees to that business. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter all have healthy corporate cultures which they advertise. Google designs its headquarters with the health of their employees in mind and offers them benefits that make a significant impact on their mental and physical health.

The work might be backbreaking but there is plenty of downtime. This is a huge reason why some of the most brilliant and talented individuals aspire to work with organizations like these. Overtime, Facebook, Google, Apple and more no longer have to worry about finding the right people. The right people come flocking to them because they want to work in a corporate culture which ensures their growth.

Giving Back

As human beings, it is a need to want to give back to the community and make a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of others. Corporate cultures that indulge in charity drives, donations and more are also connected with employee happiness since employees feel like they are making a difference in the lives of others.

Moreover, this also makes an impact on employee loyalty and job satisfaction, both of which enhances employee retention, productivity and makes one feel like a good fit in the company. Even on a small scale, businesses that focus on enhancing their culture can actually increase employee happiness.

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