Benefits of Embracing AI for Your Business

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AI has slowly grown from just being a concept to something which can be actively applied for the benefit of everyone. While AI has still been slow in transitioning into the lives of everyday individuals, it can still be actively applied in businesses.

Unfortunately, AI doesn’t have a very healthy reputation in the marketplace, since the movie depictions of AI have always shown it being utilized in a negative manner. Luckily, AI has plenty of benefits, particularly for businesses. Moreover, attempts by Uber and Lyft to utilize AI at a large scale have shown that AI opens up a dearth of opportunities.

The following are some of the major benefits they have to offer:

Automate Tasks

AI doesn’t always make an impact in a profound manner. It works best when focusing on the minor things such as improving the overall productivity of a certain task. Automating simple things such as social media posts and more allows for one to have more time for other tasks which require their immediate attention.

Improve Efficiency

Based on the data that you feed into the AI, you can streamline your work to minimize errors which could make a significant difference in your overall productivity. With an AI-based system, you can easily sift through large amounts of data to target and focus on the data you need. The efficiency of the AI also means that the results are accurate and everything is conducted in an efficient manner.

User-Friendly Interfaces

AI can also be used to harness user experience data to enhance the interface. User-friendly interfaces are becoming more commonplace and AI is largely responsible for it. The biggest example of a simple to use and intuitive AI is the search bar that Google has developed.  Relying on the previous or most searched data, the search results are amplified in order to give the most accurate results in the simplest manner possible.

Grow a Customer Base

As people are looking to simplify their lives more with AI tools such as Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, more businesses can benefit and increase their customer base by integrating AI into their business structure too. A good example of this is Starbucks. Introducing a feature called Starbucks Reorder, Starbucks allows users to place an order or check the balance on their card with the help of Alexa. They also get to build a database of coffee preferences and orders which allows them to expand their offerings with ease.

Enhance Your Talent Pool

AI has also been making an impact on the way you can enhance and improve your talent pool. LinkedIn has successfully made use of AI to connect people of similar fields and has enhanced the ability to search for people on the platform.

The best part is that LinkedIn has constantly evolved its AI and allowed for businesses to create a talent pool that allows them to find the best hires possible without having to use up or wasting many of their resources.

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