4 Benefits of Incorporating Humor in Your Social Media Marketing

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Many businesses focus so much on the business side of social media marketing that they tend to overlook one major fact about their target audience; they’re human. You’re not dealing with robots and you’re not dealing with algorithms. You are dealing with humans and one of the biggest ways we use to connect with each other is humor.

So, if you want your social media marketing strategy to work, how about injecting a bit of humor into it? You’ve got plenty of good examples around you as well. The Wendy’s Twitter account is the best one. They not only make use of humor, but they’re also actively witty and sarcastic. Not only does their target audience love it, but other businesses are also learning from them as well. So, what are the benefits of incorporating humor into your social media marketing?

Gets Attention

In an oversaturated stream of information, the only thing that truly catches the attention is something shocking, humorous and cute or both. When someone comes across something funny, they will stop to pursue it. This effectively makes your content stand out from the rest of the audience. Good humor is always appreciated, and in a world that is becoming a little bit gloomier with each passing day, your humorous content can be the ray of sunshine that gets more attention.

Become Memorable

Ads which are funny and make someone laugh are more likely to become memorable. If you think of Old Spice, what comes to your mind? It is probably the ad which ended with the phrase, “I’m on a Horse.” Anything which makes us laugh is more likely to be shared and remembered by us. This is why humorous advertisements have the ability to not only go viral but be remembered long after that ad has faded away.

Connects with Emotions

Laughter is connected with the release of endorphins in our body which helps to make us feel happy. Surprisingly, any content we come across that makes us laugh tends to make an emotional connection with us. When a brand does that to us, it tends to create the same kind of bond with us. It is also more likely to improve the brand’s credibility in our eyes and make one more likely to purchase or make use of the services being offered by that brand.

Makes You Human

The one thing that people hate about marketing strategies is the almost robotic manner of the whole thing. People want to not just know more about a product, they also want to find out more about a certain business. With humor that shows your business and staff going about their day on their social media platforms, you not only can increase customer interest in your products and your business; you can also create a more human bond with your target audience.

At the end of the day, being humorous allows you to make a bigger connection with your target audience which not only improves your outreach and results; it also improves brand perception and brand loyalty.

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