3 Marketing Practices that Have Become Outdated

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Businesses today have to deal with a very dynamically fluid marketplace that is getting picker as it is becoming wiser. For this reason, finding the right marketing strategy can be a little tough. No one wants to buy products when they feel the marketing is insensitive, missing the mark or spoon feeding the product to them.

Smart buyers want smart marketing so you should actively avoid using marketing practices which are outdated. Among them, the following are some that you should exclude:

1.   Printing Brochures

Not only is this outdated, but it also costs a lot of money and usually ends up in the bin of most people. Brochures are old-fashioned, traditional marketing means that don’t serve a huge purpose anymore. However, not every business can do without a brochure. Business like Ikea and more rely on them to catalog their inventories and offer products more seamlessly.

If you do feel the need to include a brochure in your marketing practices, why not opt to go digital with it? By making it into a downloadable PDF file which is available for anyone who wishes to download it, you save both your resources and money. You get to forgo the cost of printing the words and ensuring that you cut down on your carbon footprint as well.

2.   Too Much Text

When you’re sharing content, don’t focus on just the words only. Keep it a healthy mix of both. With the short attention span of the visitors to your website or social media page, there are few who are willing to sift through an entire body of text to understand what your products are available or what the company is all about.

Be brief, concise and include images as well as videos that illustrate the point better than your words would. Even on social media, images, and video play a big role in garnering the attention of the viewers. In this manner, you not only get your message across more soundly, but you’re also able to drum up interest and are able to get their attention.

3.   Using Unnecessary Buzzwords

Buzzwords are meant to be used to create some excitement about your products. However, the wiser target market of today isn’t concerned about this aspect. They want to find out about your products by looking at them, looking at user reviews and more. By using buzzwords, you help no one out. Instead, it is very easy to tick off your target market in this manner.

Call a spade a spade in this scenario. If you opt to use buzzwords in order to make your product sound better, it can come off as insecurity too since it shows that you’re not confident in that new offering or product.

The three strategies mentioned above are some of the most outdated ones and if you’re still using them in your marketing strategy to this day, these might be the reason why you’re not experiencing success. At the end of the day, remember to be smart about your marketing.

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