5 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

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Losing an employee that is good at their job is a terrible thing as they’re one of the biggest assets of a business. Employee retention can be tricky since many businesses aim at keeping their employees with them for as long as possible but if they’re not aware of what they’re doing wrong, they can’t make things right. The following are a few reasons that illustrate just why good employees choose to leave:

1.   Beginning to Feel Stuck

Repetition kills creativity and eventually begins to drain an individual. Often times, employees feel stuck in a rut and the best alternative for them is to explore their options. People want to feel like they’re moving forward in their career when they’re working at some place. By becoming stagnant in one place, they not only feel like there’s no more room to grow, but the workplace also ends up feeling like a dead end for them. With no structure or means for advancement at their current place, they’re going to be keen to explore new options.

2.   Overworked

Stress and tension at a workplace are expected but if the job is high-stress, many might feel like it isn’t worth it. Nowadays, more emphasis is being made on healthy job environments and employees aren’t afraid of walking away from a place that doesn’t keep their mental and physical health in mind. Unfortunately, it is often the best employees who get the most work and can end up feeling overworked. When this is coupled with a lack of recognition for their efforts, it can be a disastrous combination, one that ends up making the employees feel unappreciated.

3.   Vague Promises

A place that has a big vision but doesn’t follow it up with any positive action is one that is going to slowly crumble as the employees become wiser. It is another thing to show them that working for the place will make their dreams come true and completely another to deliver on that promise. Without the strategic action which is needed, it is all just talk and speculation. Once employees become wise to this aspect, it won’t be long before they see the place as one that isn’t able to deliver or meet their needs.

4.   Focus on Profits

Keeping your eye on the prize is completely feasible but never let it derail you from looking after your employees. People want to feel appreciated by their workplace as well. If a company is only focused on maximizing their profits, they end up neglecting the workforce. This causes a lot of good employees to jump ship. The corporate culture can also suffer from low morale, high absenteeism, and other issues. The needs of the few do not outweigh the wants of the many here.

5.   A Bad Boss

At the end of the day, a large number of employees leave their workplace because of their boss or the manager that they are reporting to. An uncompassionate and inflexible attitude can be the reason why many employees choose to look for another place. In such cases, they’re not leaving because of the work; they’re leaving to avoid the boss.

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