5 Negative Workplace Behaviors that should be discouraged

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When it comes to negative behaviors in the workplace, there are quite a few which must still be addressed to this day. Despite the fact that many efforts are made to create a better, neutral workplace, there are still some negative behaviors that can and do slip under the radar.

In many instances, this can be a huge problem as it not only reduces productivity, it can bother people to the point where they choose to resign from the place. Instead of losing talented individuals, take a look at your workplace and get rid of negative behaviors such as the following.

1.   Aggression

Aggression of any form should not be harbored as it ruins the person’s mindset and makes it difficult for one to focus. A person comes to work to do a job; they shouldn’t be scared or worried about their well-being. Whether it is caused by a misunderstanding or an anger management problem, address the issue and let the person know that this behavior is not tolerated.

2.   Passivity

Just as you shouldn’t be too quick to jump to a conclusion, don’t be too slow to react. When you’re in a managerial role, you’re often expected to pass judgment. Just because something is unpleasant to you, don’t delay. Don’t be biased either. It sucks doing the right thing, but someone’s gotta do it, right? While immediate action cannot be expected, don’t let it slide. If you don’t follow it up with some action, it sends a message that this behavior is perfectly acceptable.

3.   Lack of Credibility

Lack of credibility creates a huge amount of uneasiness as it means that a person cannot rely on another. Did you promise something? Did the other person deliver? Then follow through on your word. Don’t dangle a carrot on a stick and then be surprised when someone jumps up and grabs it. Always deliver, always close, always follow through. That’s what winners do. By doing this little step, you can create good faith and make employees feel like they have a support system.

4.   Brown Nosing

One of the most annoying things to observe is brown nosing a.k.a extreme insubordination in order to get into the management’s good books in order to avail perks. Healthy interaction should be encouraged. Try to have a completely unbiased, merit-based system. Brown nosing might give one an ego boost but it’s extremely unproductive. It creates a hostile environment and a clique where one has to either start brown nosing or they’re not going to get anywhere.

5.   Micro Management

There’s a saying that “People don’t run from bad jobs, they run from bad managers,” and unfortunately, bad managers are everywhere. One of the things that a bad manager does very well and which drives people crazy is micro-management. It is extremely unhealthy in the business environment and it doesn’t allow the employee to grow. In fact, micromanagement tends to ruin their skill sets by stunting their ability to make decisions. Eventually, employees choose to leave to a place where their decisions are valued and they can grow in a healthier manner.

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