Follow the Leader: Successful Leaders Do These 5 things

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In his post, “The Most Important Meeting No One’s Having”, Alex Charfen, writes about holding a “Who got caught being awesome” session at his company, at the start of each day.

The session is about acknowledging employees for something positive that they did the previous day.

Alex Charfen believes in praising his employees publicly as that helps to boost their morale and make them feel valued.

Because of this one simple activity, he has managed to create a company culture that rests on the elements of engagement, motivation and productivity.

Do you praise your employees on a regular basis, and that too in front of everyone?

Interested in knowing what other things successful business leaders do, so that you too can learn from them and build a winning company culture?

Then continue reading…

They Encourage Others to Speak-Up

Leaders can often leave their colleagues intimidated, for the respect they command and the authority they exercise. As such, employees may feel reluctant to voice their opinions or put forward a suggestion in front of them. But in reality, successful leaders want to hear what their colleagues have to say. They encourage and give their colleagues the confidence to speak-up, while intently listening to what they are saying.

They Challenge Others to “Think”

Successful business leaders know that to move a boat forward, and move it faster you need a team who is actively involved in accomplishing a task. For that, they create an environment where they challenge others to “think”. This helps them to extract an input out of their colleagues, and then channel that input to make the boat go faster.

They Show Employees a Road Map

Successful business leaders do not just tell their employees what their goals and targets are, they also explain to them why they have been chosen for the task and what they can do to accomplish the set goals and targets.

Employees are handed out a complete road map and detailed about how to follow that road map.

They Invest in the Growth of Their Employees 

Successful business leaders understand the importance of growing together as a team. Therefore, they take keen interest to mentor and develop their employees so that they can grow individually and thus, collectively.

They are not worried about what if their colleagues leave them—they know being a leader is about making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Understanding what it takes to be a successful business leader can help you cultivate a winning company culture, all the while, inspire your colleagues to work alongside you.

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