Importance of coaching the company’s big picture to low level staff

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Successful organizations take care of all their employees regardless of their tier. In successful organizations, the employees know the philosophy of the company, which is reflected in their behavior. In contrast, organizations where only a list of Do’s and Don’ts is provided,  employees feel isolated and are seen to provide low levels of performance.

It is therefore important that all staff know the company’s big picture. It comes from the fact that all members of an organization have to perform as one unit. If people start veering off the track, the whole unit suffers.

Sharing the company’s big picture with the low-level staff is important because of many reasons.

Benefits of Sharing the Company’s Big Picture with the Employees

Sets Priorities

Ideally, the good of the company should come first to the employees by instinct. This is only possible if they own the big picture. This big picture is the vision and mission of the company. It gives the employees their organization’s purpose and their role in achieving it. That sets the priorities straight for the employees so that they can productively give time and effort to the organization. It embeds in their hearts and minds the motivation to contribute to the main goal. They feel it their duty to provide their best so that the company goes forward.

Improves work ethic

Strong work ethic is vital for organizational success. When coached for achieving the big picture, employees get to acknowledge a pursuit at the end of the work they do and the efforts they put in. They try to do their best and stay motivated and concerned. That improves their work ethic. A certain cause of concern to ensure things are in the right direction is developed. It keeps them on their best performance. The sense of care for the organization develops and the positive energy that results from the commitment to perform also affects others.

Work Becomes Meaningful

Knowing the ultimate task of the organization develops a common goal to achieve.  That makes employees feel a part of the picture. Know that he plays a role in the organization’s success gives meaning and importance to his work. When the case is the opposite, employees get dull and become bored. They are just concerned about the paycheck. In knowing the big picture, employees feel there is more to work than just working. As a result, they work effectively to meet the required common standard.

Vital for Employee recognition and ownership of the company

Communicating the big picture ensures the employees are being recognized. They take pride in doing their work. They also get to know a certain overall mission is at stake. Because of attributing meaning to their work, they strive to get a standard performance. It is vital for quality delivery to customers.

Successful companies like FedEx, Amazon and Standard Chartered Bank involve employees at every level of their company. Their employees try their best to do their jobs which they believe will affect their company’s image. They treat the company like their own and it is all due to one basic fact. They have been coached about the vision of the company. They clearly know what the company’s big picture is so that they work towards achieving that.

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