The Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

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Create link based posts, post consistently, fill in your “About” sections, optimize your posts and keep them to a length of max 113 characters and so on…Facebook’s marketing rule book is expansive and erected on practices that are proven in terms of delivering success.

It tells you everything you need to know about what to do to run a successful marketing campaign on social media platforms.

But what about what not to do when running a Facebook marketing campaign?

Surely, the don’ts matter as much as the dos for the success of an endeavor—don’t they?

Well, this is exactly why I am writing this post with the aim to familiarize you with the don’ts of Facebook marketing.

Don’t Use Hashtag

When Facebook launched clickable hashtags, we were all a bit excited. The convenience that Twitter provided in terms of searching for a topic of interest was finally here – on Facebook. From then on, everyone started including hashtag (s) in their Facebook posts.

But then, BuzzSumo stepped forward with an interesting finding. Their in-house team conducted a study, in which they compared the performance of Facebook posts that had hashtags, with posts that did not have hashtags. The analyzed sample size included Facebook posts from over 30 million brand pages.

And they found that Facebook posts without hashtags, performed “significantly” better in comparison.

So, if you use hashtags for your Facebook marketing campaigns, don’t do it—it’s costing you in terms of engagement.

Don’t Auto-Sync the Cross Publication of Your Tweets to Your Facebook Page

But it saves time and energy — right?

Yes, but at what cost?

At the cost of zero engagement.

For what you post on Twitter, how you post on Twitter and at what time you post on Twitter does not match with what you need to post on Facebook, how you need to post on Facebook and at what time you need to post on Facebook.

The formats of the two platforms are different. The type of audiences they have are different.

So, even if your Twitter posts are doing great, when transported to Facebook’s ecosystem—they won’t work!

Just ask Facebook itself!

Don’t Create Multimedia Posts

Now, I know videos and stills make your content more engaging and compelling. There is even a statistical proof for it.

However, in case of Facebook marketing it does not work. Posts having videos and graphics generate less engagement on Facebook.

As the rule book says: Create link based posts on Facebook for maximum engagement.

Which of these mistakes have you been repeating with your Facebook marketing? Now that you know they are better avoided, it’s time to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy accordingly.

Looking for more such helpful social media tips and tricks to optimize your social media marketing strategy and efforts?

My blog resources can help you. I, Manal Haddad, have an experience of more than 25 years in business consultancy and development having worked with some of the top business organizations around the world. Whatever I have learnt, I try to word it into blog for marketers like you.

Read, learn, enjoy and share the knowledge!

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