3 Social Media Tools to Boost Traffic Conversion

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Marketing stars, like you, know the importance of social media in the present age marketing paradigms. It helps increase brand awareness, improve brand reputation and helps improve sales.

However, we also know that social media marketing can be challenging. And sometimes, despite one’s best efforts, it does not deliver the expected results for the goals being sought.

One such goal, that forms the primary constituent of every social media marketing strategy is, increasing conversions using social media.

“Our social media marketing efforts are not generating enough leads – Or, we can do better—we can generate more leads.”

This is often the consensus amongst most marketers and business leaders.

That is where social media tools can help you.

In this article, you will discover 3 tools that can help you turn your social traffic into conversions.

Tool #1: Commerce Sciences – Display Personalized Content to Your Website Visitors

When your social media followers click on one of your published social media posts, they want to be directed to the website feature that talks about the offering promised in that post. They don’t want to be searching for the promised discount coupon that you promoted through a social media post. If the process involves extensive site navigation, you won’t be able to convert the social media driven traffic.

Your customers want to be served with personalized content

Commerce Sciences can help you to serve your website visitors with personalized content. The platform tracks the activity of your users, and based on the knowledge acquired by tracking their activity, uses behavioral targeting to display relevant content to your visitors.

Tool #2: Toonimo – Entertain Your Social Media Traffic with an Animated Host

You created a clickable social media post, and it worked – you have successfully driven your social media followers to your website. Now comes the real challenge, i.e., keeping them there. For that, you will have to keep them engaged. If you keep them engaged, you increase the chances of their conversion.

To boost social media traffic conversion rate, you need to keep the website visitors engaged

For that, Toonimo can help you. It is a platform that intelligently uses data from previous customer engagements and interactions. Then, leveraging the data, it guides your website visitors through the site navigation process. The guidance system is hosted by animated graphics.

Tool #3: Yotpo – A Review Solution to Acquire High Quality Leads from Social Media

Promoting customer reviews are the best form of marketing. A prospect reading a positive customer review about a product, will be more willing to buy that product. And, if that review can be shared on social media websites, it is even better.

That way, businesses cannot only drive social traffic to their websites but they can drive high quality leads.

Customer reviews help prospects make informed decisions and help businesses acquire high quality leads

Yotpo, a review solution, can help you in this regard. The platform allows businesses to capture reviews from their customers conveniently, and then allows them to share those reviews across all social media platforms.

Tools like Yotpo, Toonimo and Commerce Sciences can help you convert your social media traffic into high quality leads, maximizing the potential of your social media marketing campaigns and efforts.

Interested in Knowing More?

The blog resources at Manal Haddad can help. Business leaders can find tips and actionable information on how to increase conversions using social media, enabling them to generate high quality leads and sales-qualified leads.

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