What Can a Manager Do to Increase Employee Retention

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Your business is bound to suffer whenever one of your good employees resigns suddenly.

Retaining employees is a major challenge that most business owners and managers have to contend with. While it is true that every employee desires to be paid well and granted attractive benefits; money and perks are not the only things that help companies retain outstanding workers.

Several other factors play a key role in employee retention.

It is absolutely necessary for a manager to treat his/her employees fairly and not to overburden them with unnecessary tasks. The development of a healthy working environment is not possible until a manger adopts a sensitive and understanding attitude toward the employees working under his/her supervision.

Ways To Increase Employee Retention

In order to develop an effective employee retention strategy, managers have to keep the following important points in mind:

Hire The Right Employees

When hiring an employee, make sure that the person you are choosing has the right kind of attitude that will allow him/her to blend right into your company’s work culture. Be sure that the person being hired for the job is serious toward his work and committed to serving your organization for a long period.

Create A Healthy Office Environment

An overly strict office environment can often be counterproductive. While it is a good idea to deal with employees in a firm manner, having an authoritarian attitude will only irritate and isolate them. This, in turn, will lead to growing dissatisfaction amongst your staff and encourage them to find work someplace else.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

The positive efforts made by your workers must be promptly and adequately acknowledged. It is also a good idea to grant bonuses and other perks to employees who perform well. This will build up their self-esteem and motivate them to do better in the future.

Empower Your Employees

Make sure that you let employees know that you have complete faith in their abilities. This will boost their morale and prompt them to be proactive in serving the interests of the company. Good managers empower their employees by letting them take on leadership roles and encouraging them to express their ideas.

Never Micromanage Your Workers

Micromanaging your workers will only put additional pressure on them. Give your employees room to freely express their creativity and handle minor matters themselves.

The tips mentioned above are sure to help increase employee retention in your organization. If you are interested in acquiring management improvement skills and finding out what makes a good leader, send me an email at manaljh@hotmail.com.

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